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Erickson T; Munoz-Rojas M; Guzzomi A; Masarei M; Ling E; Bateman A; Kildisheva O; Ritchie A; Turner S; Parsons B; Chester P; Webster T; Wishart S; James J; Madsen M; Abella S; Merritt D, 2019, 'A case study of seed-use technology development for Pilbara mine site rehabilitation', in Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Mine Closure, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, presented at 13th International Conference on Mine Closure,

Alanís N; Hernández-Madrigal VM; Cerdà A; Muñoz-Rojas M; Zavala LM; Jordán A, 2017, 'Spatial Gradients of Intensity and Persistence of Soil Water Repellency Under Different Forest Types in Central Mexico', in Land Degradation and Development, pp. 317 - 327,

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