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Erickson TE; Muñoz-Rojas M; Guzzomi AL; Masarei M; Ling E; Bateman AM; Kildisheva OA; Ritchie AL; Turner SR; Parsons B; Chester P; Webster T; Wishart S; James JJ; Madsen MD; Abella SR; Merritt DJ, 2019, 'A case study of seed-use technology development for Pilbara mine site rehabilitation', in Proceedings of the International Conference on Mine Closure, pp. 679 - 691,

Alanís N; Hernández-Madrigal VM; Cerdà A; Muñoz-Rojas M; Zavala LM; Jordán A, 2017, 'Spatial Gradients of Intensity and Persistence of Soil Water Repellency Under Different Forest Types in Central Mexico', in Land Degradation and Development, pp. 317 - 327,

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