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Wiedemann M; Liang M; Keremane G; Quigley K, 2024, 'Advanced Air Mobility: A comparative review of policies from around the world—lessons for Australia', Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 24,

Gu Y; Wiedemann M; Ryley T; Johnson ME; Evans MJ, 2023, 'Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft at Airports: A Review of the Infrastructure Requirements and Planning Challenges', Sustainability, 15, pp. 15539 - 15539,

Tse NLH; Wiedemann M; Xing K, 2023, 'Strengthening the Understanding of the Context for Airport City Planning: A Case Study on Airport City Parafield', Collegiate Aviation Review, 41, pp. 55 - 77,

Tse L; Lam A; Tang C; Wiedemann M; Quigley K, 2021, 'Measuring the quality of place in Aerotropolis: A descriptive study on the creative class theory quality of place amenities in operational aerotropolises in the United States', International Journal of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2, pp. 61 - 70,

Wiedemann M, 2015, 'Industry Perspective', Tourism Dimensions, Special Issue: Innovation Capability in Tourism, 2

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