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Vos K; Harley M; Turner I; Splinter K, 2023, Pacific shoreline erosion and accretion patterns controlled by El Niño/Southern Oscillation, ,

Warrick J; Buscombe D; Vos K; Bryan K; Castelle B; Cooper A; Harley M; Jackson D; Ludka B; Masselink G; Palmsten M; Ruiz de Alegria-Arzaburu A; Senechal N; Sherwood C; Short A; Sogut E; Splinter K; Stephenson W; Syvitski J; Woodroffe C; Young A, 2023, Evaluating Climate Signals on Global Coastal Shoreline Positions A commentary on “Influence of El Niño on the variability of global shoreline position” by Almar and colleagues., ,

Uebelhoer L; Koon W; Harley MD; Lawes JC; Brander RW, 2021, Characteristics and beach safety knowledge of beachgoers on unpatrolled surf beaches in Australia, ,

Vos K; Deng W; Harley MD; Turner IL; Splinter KD, 2021, Beach-face slope dataset for Australia, ,

Harley M; Masselink G; de Alegría-Arzaburu AR; Valiente N; Scott T, 2021, Single Extreme Strong Sequence Can Offset Decades of Shoreline Retreat by Sea-level Rise, ,

Ibaceta R; Splinter KD; Harley MD; Turner IL, 2020, Enhanced coastal shoreline modelling using an Ensemble Kalman Filter to include non-stationarity in future wave climates, ,

Doherty Y; Harley MD; Vos K; Splinter KD, A Python Toolkit to Monitor High-Resolution Shoreline Change Using Planetscope Cubesats, ,

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