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Conference Presentations

Ziaeyan Bahri M; Sharples J; Huntley S; McRae RHD, 2018, 'A universal rate of spread index for Australian fuel types', presented at International Conferenceon Forest Fire Research, Portugal

Ziaeyan Bahri M; Sharples J, 2017, 'Sensitivity of Empirical Mode Decomposition and its application to geophysical data', presented at TIES-GRASPA 2017 Conference

Ziaeyan Bahri M; Sharples J; Wang XH; Sun Y-J, 2015, 'Modeling Brisbane sea level and East Australian Current co-variability using Hilbert HuangTransform', presented at IWMO2015 Conference, Canberra

Ziaeyan Bahri M; Sharples J; Wang XH, 2014, 'Relationship between The East Australian Current and sea level rise along the east coast of Australia', presented at Coast to Coast Conference 2014, Perth

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