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Millard SK; Chiang AKI; Humburg P; Chowdhury N; Rehan R; Furman AJ; Mazaheri A; Schabrun SM; Seminowicz DA, 2023, Effects of nicotine compared to placebo gum on sensitivity to pain and mediating effects of peak alpha frequency, ,

Chowdhury NS; Chiang AK; Millard SK; Skippen P; Chang W-J; Seminowicz DA; Schabrun SM, 2023, Alterations in cortical excitability during pain: A combined TMS-EEG Study., ,

Schabrun SM; Si E; Millard SK; Chiang AKI; Chen S; Chowdhury NS; Seminowicz DA, 2022, Intramuscular injection of nerve growth factor as a model of temporomandibular disorder: nature, time-course, and sex differences characterising the pain experience, ,

Chowdhury N; Skippen P; Si E; Chiang A; Millard S; Furman A; Chen S; Seminowicz D; Schabrun S, 2022, The reliability of two prospective cortical biomarkers for pain: EEG peak alpha frequency and TMS corticomotor excitability, ,

He J; Hirst R; Puri R; Coxon JP; Byblow WD; Hinder MR; Skippen P; Matzke D; Heathcote A; Wadsley C; Silk T; Hyde C; Parmar D; Pedapati E; Gilbert D; Huddleston D; Mostofsky SH; Leunissen I; MacDonald H; Chowdhury N; Gretton MB; Nikitenko T; Zandbelt B; Strickland LJG; Puts N, 2021, OSARI, an Open-Source Anticipated Response Inhibition task, ,

Chowdhury N; Rogasch N; Chiang A; Millard S; Skippen P; Chang W-J; Bilska K; Si E; Seminowicz D; Schabrun S, 2021, The influence of somatosensory and auditory evoked potentials on concurrent transcranial-magnetic stimulation – electroencephalography recordings, ,

Chowdhury N; Chang W-J; Millard SK; Skippen P; Bilska K; Seminowicz DS; Schabrun SM, 2020, The Influence of Experimental Pain on Primary Motor Cortex Function: Protocol for a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, ,

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