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Journal articles

Akter N; Fick DM, 2024, 'Unravelling the impact of social isolation and nursing home placement in older adults: where do we go from here?', Evid Based Nurs,

Akter N; Fletcher J; Perry S; Simunovic MP; Briggs N; Roy M, 2022, 'Glaucoma diagnosis using multi-feature analysis and a deep learning technique', Scientific Reports, 12,

Kabir H; Hasan MK; Akter N; Marma USC; Alam T; Tutul AH; Biswas L; Ara R; Mitra DK, 2022, 'Factors associated with the intention of telehealth service utilization among Bangladeshi people: a cross-sectional study.', F1000Res, 11, pp. 996,

Matsuda K; Yasumoto M; Akter N; Misawa M; Aguilar JC; Suzuki Y; Takeuchi A; Hibino K; Rehman S; Roy M, 2020, 'Hard x-ray phase-contrast microscopy using a Gabor hologram without a zero-order term', Applied Optics, 59, pp. 5918 - 5923,

Akter N; Nobi A, 2018, 'Investigation of the Financial Stability of S&P 500 Using Realized Volatility and Stock Returns Distribution', JOURNAL OF RISK AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, 11,

Billah M; Rana SMM; Akter N; Hossain MS, 2018, 'Analysis of serum electrolyte and lipid profile in young Bangladeshi female with Type II Diabetes', Cogent Biology, 4, pp. 1431474,

Yeasmin M; Akter N; Kabir MH; Hossain J, 2018, 'Performance evaluation of multi-cloud compared to the single-cloud under varying firewall conditions', Cogent Engineering, 5, pp. 1 - 13,

Akter N; Hossain B; Kabir H; Bhuiyan AH; Yeasmin M; Sultana S, 2014, 'Design and Performance Analysis of 10-Stage Voltage Doublers RF Energy Harvesting Circuit for Wireless Sensor Network', Journal of Communications Engineering and Networks, pp. 84 - 91,

Conference Papers

Akter N; Perry S; Fletcher J; Simunovic M; Roy M, 2020, 'Automated Artifacts and Noise Removal from Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using Deep Learning Technique', in 2020 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, SSCI 2020, pp. 2536 - 2542,

Akter N; Young J; Lee N; Roy M, 2020, '3D reconstruction of retinal vascular structure from 2D OCT-a images for glaucoma diagnosis', in Optics InfoBase Conference Papers

Akter N, 2019, 'A Feature Agnostic Based Glaucoma Diagnosis from OCT Images with Deep Learning Technique', American Academy of Optometry, Orlando, USA, presented at American Academy of Optometry, Orlando, USA, 23 October 2019 - 27 June 2020,

Akter N; Phu J; Perry S; Fletcher J; Kalloniatis M; Roy M, 2019, 'Analysis of OCT images to optimize glaucoma diagnosis', in Optics InfoBase Conference Papers,


Akter M; Akter S; Hossain MI; Akter N; Akter S; Koly A; Mahmud S; Kabir H; Hasan MK, 2024, Knowledge Comparison amongst Telehealth Service Utilized and Unutilized Adults in Bangladesh, ,

Roy AK; Akter M; Akter N; Hossain MI; Akter S; Akter S; Chowdhury SR; Kabir H, 2024, Workplace bullying and turnover intention among male nurses: A cross-sectional study in Bangladesh, ,

Akter N; Perry S; Fletcher J; Simunovic MP; Stapleton F; Roy M, 2023, Glaucoma Detection and Feature Visualization from OCT Images Using Deep Learning, ,

Akter N; Gordon J; Li S; Poon M; Perry S; Fletcher J; Chan T; White A; Roy M, 2022, Glaucoma Detection and Staging from Visual Field Images using Machine Learning Techniques, ,

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