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Akter N; Fick DM, 2024, 'Unravelling the impact of social isolation and nursing home placement in older adults: where do we go from here?', Evid Based Nurs,

Akter N; Fletcher J; Perry S; Simunovic MP; Briggs N; Roy M, 2022, 'Glaucoma diagnosis using multi-feature analysis and a deep learning technique', Scientific Reports, 12,

Kabir H; Hasan MK; Akter N; Marma USC; Alam T; Tutul AH; Biswas L; Ara R; Mitra DK, 2022, 'Factors associated with the intention of telehealth service utilization among Bangladeshi people: a cross-sectional study.', F1000Res, 11, pp. 996,

Matsuda K; Yasumoto M; Akter N; Misawa M; Aguilar JC; Suzuki Y; Takeuchi A; Hibino K; Rehman S; Roy M, 2020, 'Hard x-ray phase-contrast microscopy using a Gabor hologram without a zero-order term', Applied Optics, 59, pp. 5918 - 5923,

Akter N; Nobi A, 2018, 'Investigation of the Financial Stability of S&P 500 Using Realized Volatility and Stock Returns Distribution', JOURNAL OF RISK AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, 11,

Billah M; Rana SMM; Akter N; Hossain MS, 2018, 'Analysis of serum electrolyte and lipid profile in young Bangladeshi female with Type II Diabetes', Cogent Biology, 4, pp. 1431474,

Yeasmin M; Akter N; Kabir MH; Hossain J, 2018, 'Performance evaluation of multi-cloud compared to the single-cloud under varying firewall conditions', Cogent Engineering, 5, pp. 1 - 13,

Akter N; Hossain B; Kabir H; Bhuiyan AH; Yeasmin M; Sultana S, 2014, 'Design and Performance Analysis of 10-Stage Voltage Doublers RF Energy Harvesting Circuit for Wireless Sensor Network', Journal of Communications Engineering and Networks, pp. 84 - 91,

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