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Journal articles

Ramsey N, 2022, 'The Liberal Paradigm of Security in Sir Walter Scott's The Antiquary', Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas, vol. 20, pp. 65 - 82,

Ramsey N, 2020, 'Mary Shelley and the Monstrosity of War: Frankenstein and the Post-Waterloo Politics of Life', Eighteenth-Century Life, vol. 44, pp. 96 - 118,

Ramsey N, 2018, '‘To Die as a Soldier’: The Vital Romance of the Military Novel', Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, vol. 41, pp. 579 - 596,

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Ramsey ND, 2017, 'James Montgomery’s Waterloo: War and the Poetics of History', Studies in Romanticism, vol. 56, pp. 361 - 378

Ramsey ND, 2017, 'Listening to War: Sound and Noise in Romantic Era Military Writing', Republics of Letters, vol. 5, pp. 1 - 12

Ramsey ND, 2016, 'De Lancey’s Tour: Military Barracks and the Endo-Colonization of England in the 1790s', English Language Notes, vol. 54, pp. 25 - 38

Ramsey ND, 2016, 'Romanticism in the Shadow of War: Literary Culture in the Napoleonic War Years Byron's War: Romantic Rebellion, Greek Revolution, Watching War', European Romantic Review, vol. 27, pp. 101 - 107,

Ramsey ND, 2015, 'Wartime Reading: Romantic Era Military Periodicals and the Edinburgh Review', Australian Literary Studies, vol. 29, pp. 28 - 40

Ramsey N, 2014, 'MAD theory: nuclear deterrence and the thanatopolitical limits of Empire', International Social Science Journal, vol. 63, pp. 67 - 78,

Ramsey ND, 2013, 'Reframing Regicide: Symbolic Politics and the Sentimental Trial of James Hadfield (1800)', Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, vol. 36, pp. 317 - 334,

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