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Jiang J; Peña J; Hadinata Lie W; Yang Y; Thong G; Wright J; Thomsen L; Gallington LC; Scott JA; Bedford NM, 2024, 'Modulating Ce3+ Sites in Ce-Zr Oxide Nanocatalysts through Protamine Biomineralization for Organophosphate Dephosphorylation', ChemCatChem, 16,

Bobrin VA; Hackbarth HG; Yao Y; Kundu D; Bedford NM; Kuchel RP; Zhang J; Corrigan N; Boyer C, 2024, 'Design and 3D Printing of Polyacrylonitrile-Derived Nanostructured Carbon Architectures', Small Science, 4,

Hackbarth HG; Key TS; Ackley BJ; Opletal G; Rawal A; Gallington L; Yang Y; Thomsen L; Dickerson MB; Pruyn TL; Bedford NM, 2024, 'Uncovering atomic-scale polymer-to-ceramic transformations in SiC polymer derived ceramics from polycarbosilanes', Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 44, pp. 1932 - 1945,

Zhu Q; Gong B; Huang S; Jin Y; Liu S; Shao S; Yang Y; Cataldo T; Bedford NM; Lam JCH, 2024, 'Rhombohedral ZnIn2S4-catalysed anodic direct electrochemical oxidative cleavage of C-O bond in α-O-4 linkages in ambient conditions', Green Chemistry, 26, pp. 4135 - 4150,

Sun L; Yuwono JA; Zhang S; Chen B; Li G; Jin H; Johannessen B; Mao J; Zhang C; Zubair M; Bedford N; Guo Z, 2024, 'High Entropy Alloys Enable Durable and Efficient Lithium-Mediated CO2 Redox Reactions', Advanced Materials,

Bobrin VA; Hackbarth HG; Bonsu JO; Yao Y; Bedford NM; Kundu D; Zhang J; Corrigan N; Boyer C, 2024, 'Microphase Separation 3D Printing of Binary Inorganic Polymer Precursors to Prepare Nanostructured Carbon-Ceramic Multimaterials', Advanced Materials Technologies,

Poerwoprajitno AR; Li Q; Cheong S; Gloag L; Yang Y; Subhash B; Bedford NM; Watt J; Huber DL; Gooding JJ; Schuhmann W; Tilley RD, 2023, 'Tuning the Pt-Ru Atomic Neighbors for Active and Stable Methanol Oxidation Electrocatalysis', Chemistry of Materials, 35, pp. 10724 - 10729,

Gerke CS; Xu Y; Yang Y; Foley GD; Zhang B; Shi E; Bedford NM; Che F; Thoi VS, 2023, 'Electrochemical C-N Bond Formation within Boron Imidazolate Cages Featuring Single Copper Sites', Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, pp. 26144 - 26151,

Shen QL; Shen LY; Chen LY; Qin LB; Liu YG; Bedford NM; Ciucci F; Tang ZH, 2023, 'Heterointerface of all-alkynyl-protected Au28 nanoclusters anchored on NiFe-LDHs boosts oxygen evolution reaction: a case to unravel ligand effect', Rare Metals, 42, pp. 4029 - 4038,

Li X; Huang W; Krajnc A; Yang Y; Shukla A; Lee J; Ghasemi M; Martens I; Chan B; Appadoo D; Chen P; Wen X; Steele JA; Hackbarth HG; Sun Q; Mali G; Lin R; Bedford NM; Chen V; Cheetham AK; Tizei LHG; Collins SM; Wang L; Hou J, 2023, 'Interfacial alloying between lead halide perovskite crystals and hybrid glasses', Nature Communications, 14,

Yang Y; Lie WH; Unocic RR; Yuwono JA; Klingenhof M; Merzdorf T; Buchheister PW; Kroschel M; Walker A; Gallington LC; Thomsen L; Kumar PV; Strasser P; Scott JA; Bedford NM, 2023, 'Defect-Promoted Ni-Based Layer Double Hydroxides with Enhanced Deprotonation Capability for Efficient Biomass Electrooxidation', Advanced Materials, 35,

Subhash B; Unocic RR; Lie WH; Gallington LC; Wright J; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Bedford NM, 2023, 'Resolving Atomic-Scale Structure and Chemical Coordination in High-Entropy Alloy Electrocatalysts for Structure-Function Relationship Elucidation', ACS Nano, 17, pp. 22299 - 22312,

Bobrin VA; Hackbarth HG; Yao Y; Bedford NM; Zhang J; Corrigan N; Boyer C, 2023, 'Customized Nanostructured Ceramics via Microphase Separation 3D Printing', Advanced Science, 10,

Chen Z; Zimmerli NK; Zubair M; Yakimov AV; Björgvinsdóttir S; Alaniva N; Willinger E; Barnes AB; Bedford NM; Copéret C; Florian P; Abdala PM; Fedorov A; Müller CR, 2023, 'Nature of GaOx Shells Grown on Silica by Atomic Layer Deposition', Chemistry of Materials, 35, pp. 7475 - 7490,

Banerjee S; Gorham JM; Beccar-Varela P; Hackbarth HG; Siegler MA; Drichko N; Wright JT; Bedford NM; Thoi VS, 2023, 'Atomically Dispersed CuNx Sites from Thermal Activation of Boron Imidazolate Cages for Electrocatalytic Methane Generation', ACS Applied Energy Materials, 6, pp. 9044 - 9056,

LiBretto NJ; Tacey SA; Zubair M; Bui TV; Unocic KA; Baddour FG; Griffin MB; Schaidle JA; Farberow CA; Ruddy DA; Bedford NM; Habas SE, 2023, 'Compositional dependence of hydrodeoxygenation pathway selectivity for Ni2−xRhxP nanoparticle catalysts', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, pp. 16788 - 16802,

Zubair M; Ou H; Yang Y; Oldfield DT; Thomsen L; Subhash B; Hamilton JL; Wright JT; Bedford NM; Carolan JV, 2023, 'Enhanced uranium extraction selectivity from seawater using dopant engineered layered double hydroxides', Energy Advances, 2, pp. 1134 - 1147,

Zubair M; Kumar P; Klingenhof M; Subhash B; Yuwono JA; Cheong S; Yao Y; Thomsen L; Strasser P; Tilley RD; Bedford NM, 2023, 'Vacancy Promotion in Layered Double Hydroxide Electrocatalysts for Improved Oxygen Evolution Reaction Performance', ACS Catalysis, 13, pp. 4799 - 4810,

Salman MS; Zubair M; Yang Y; Bedford NM; Aguey-Zinsou KF, 2023, 'Doping and Structure-Promoted Destabilization of NaBH4 Nanocubes for Hydrogen Storage', ACS Applied Nano Materials, 6, pp. 4178 - 4189,

Lie WH; Yang Y; Yuwono JA; Tsounis C; Zubair M; Wright J; Thomsen L; Kumar P; Bedford N, 2023, 'Identification of catalytic activity descriptors for selective 5-hydroxymethyl furfural electrooxidation to 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, pp. 5527 - 5539,

Sim D; Kuang Z; Sant'Anna G; Krabacher RM; Brothers MC; Chávez JL; Martin JA; Islam AE; Maruyama B; Naik RR; Bedford NM; Kim SS, 2023, 'Rational Design of Peptide Biorecognition Elements on Carbon Nanotubes for Sensing Volatile Organic Compounds', Advanced Materials Interfaces, 10,

Zou Y; Kazemi SA; Shi G; Liu J; Yang Y; Bedford NM; Fan K; Xu Y; Fu H; Dong M; Al-Mamun M; Zhong YL; Yin H; Wang Y; Liu P; Zhao H, 2023, 'Ruthenium single-atom modulated Ti3C2Tx MXene for efficient alkaline electrocatalytic hydrogen production', EcoMat, 5,

Yang Y; Lie WH; Unocic RR; Yuwono JA; Klingenhof M; Merzdorf T; Buchheister PW; Kroschel M; Walker A; Gallington LC; Thomsen L; Kumar PV; Strasser P; Scott JA; Bedford NM, 2023, 'Defect‐Promoted Ni‐Based Layer Double Hydroxides with Enhanced Deprotonation Capability for Efficient Biomass Electrooxidation (Adv. Mater. 48/2023)', Advanced Materials, 35,

Banerjee S; Han X; Siegler MA; Miller EM; Bedford NM; Bukowski BC; Thoi VS, 2022, 'Flexible 2D Boron Imidazolate Framework for Polysulfide Adsorption in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries', Chemistry of Materials, 34, pp. 10451 - 10458,

Fu HQ; Liu J; Bedford NM; Wang Y; Wright J; Liu PF; Wen CF; Wang L; Yin H; Qi D; Liu P; Yang HG; Zhao H, 2022, 'Operando Converting BiOCl into Bi2O2(CO3)xCly for Efficient Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Formate', Nano-Micro Letters, 14,

Des Ligneris E; Merenda A; Chen X; Wang J; Johannessen B; Bedford NM; Callahan DL; Dumée LF; Kong L, 2022, 'In Situ Growth of Cu/CuO/Cu2O Nanocrystals within Hybrid Nanofibers for Adsorptive Arsenic Removal', ACS Applied Nano Materials, 5, pp. 14437 - 14446,

Jiang J; Huang B; Daiyan R; Subhash B; Tsounis C; Ma Z; Han C; Zhao Y; Effendi LH; Gallington LC; Hart JN; Scott JA; Bedford NM, 2022, 'Defective Sn-Zn perovskites through bio-directed routes for modulating CO2RR', Nano Energy, 101,

Sulaiman KO; Zubair M; King G; Bedford NM; Scott RWJ, 2022, 'Taking a different road: following Ag25 and Au25 cluster activation via in situ differential pair distribution function analysis', Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 24, pp. 24834 - 24844,

Salman MS; Yang Y; Zubair M; Bedford NM; Aguey-Zinsou KF, 2022, 'Core–shell NaBH4@Ni Nanoarchitectures: A Platform for Tunable Hydrogen Storage', ChemSusChem, 15,

Zong L; Lu F; Zhang W; Fan K; Chen X; Johannessen B; Qi D; Bedford NM; Warren M; Segre CU; Liu P; Wang L; Zhao H, 2022, 'Atomically-dispersed Mn-(N-C2)2(O-C2)2 sites on carbon for efficient oxygen reduction reaction', Energy Storage Materials, 49, pp. 209 - 218,

Fu HQ; Liu J; Bedford NM; Wang Y; Sun JW; Zou Y; Dong M; Wright J; Diao H; Liu P; Yang HG; Zhao H, 2022, 'Synergistic Cr2O3@Ag Heterostructure Enhanced Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction to CO', Advanced Materials, 34,

Ma Z; Tsounis C; Toe CY; Kumar PV; Subhash B; Xi S; Yang HY; Zhou S; Lin Z; Wu KH; Wong RJ; Thomsen L; Bedford NM; Lu X; Ng YH; Han Z; Amal R, 2022, 'Reconstructing Cu Nanoparticle Supported on Vertical Graphene Surfaces via Electrochemical Treatment to Tune the Selectivity of CO2Reduction toward Valuable Products', ACS Catalysis, 12, pp. 4792 - 4805,

Kuschnerus I; Giri K; Ruan J; Huang Y; Bedford N; Garcia-Bennett A, 2022, 'On the growth of the soft and hard protein corona of mesoporous silica particles with varying morphology', Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 612, pp. 467 - 478,

Poerwoprajitno AR; Gloag L; Watt J; Cheong S; Tan X; Lei H; Tahini HA; Henson A; Subhash B; Bedford NM; Miller BK; O’Mara PB; Benedetti TM; Huber DL; Zhang W; Smith SC; Gooding JJ; Schuhmann W; Tilley RD, 2022, 'A single-Pt-atom-on-Ru-nanoparticle electrocatalyst for CO-resilient methanol oxidation', Nature Catalysis, 5, pp. 231 - 237,

Lovell EC; Scott J; Bedford NM; Tan TH; Cullen PJ; Ostrikov KK; Amal R, 2022, 'Two Steps Back, One Leap Forward: Synergistic Energy Conversion in Plasmonic and Plasma Catalysis', ACS Energy Letters, 7, pp. 300 - 309,

Zhang D; Tsounis C; Ma Z; Djaidiguna D; Bedford NM; Thomsen L; Lu X; Chu D; Amal R; Han Z, 2022, 'Highly Selective Metal-Free Electrochemical Production of Hydrogen Peroxide on Functionalized Vertical Graphene Edges', Small, 18,

Tsounis C; Subhash B; Kumar PV; Bedford NM; Zhao Y; Shenoy J; Ma Z; Zhang D; Toe CY; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Lu X; Dai L; Han Z; Amal R, 2022, 'Pt Single Atom Electrocatalysts at Graphene Edges for Efficient Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution', Advanced Functional Materials,

Miller-Link E; Attanayake N; Zhang H; Metzroth L; Han X; Gerke C; Banerjee S; Bedford N; Thoi S, 2021, '(Invited) N2 Reduction to NH3 Generation Using Transition Metal-Based Catalysts', ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2021-02, pp. 1540 - 1540,

Jiang J; Tsounis C; Gallington LC; Hu Y; Scott RWJ; Scott JA; Bedford NM, 2021, 'Disordered TiO x-SiO xNanocatalysts Using Bioinspired Synthetic Routes', ACS Applied Energy Materials, 4, pp. 7691 - 7701,

Cui Y; Rushing JC; Seifert S; Bedford NM; Kuroda DG, 2021, 'Structural and dynamical changes observed when transitioning from an ionic liquid to a deep eutectic solvent', Journal of Chemical Physics, 155,

Hadinata Lie W; Deng C; Yang Y; Tsounis C; Wu KH; Chandra Hioe MV; Bedford NM; Wang DW, 2021, 'High yield electrooxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural catalysed by unsaturated metal sites in CoFe Prussian Blue Analogue films', Green Chemistry, 23, pp. 4333 - 4337,

Wang K; Liu J; Tang Z; Li L; Wang Z; Zubair M; Ciucci F; Thomsen L; Wright J; Bedford NM, 2021, 'Establishing structure/property relationships in atomically dispersed Co-Fe dual site M-Nxcatalysts on microporous carbon for the oxygen reduction reaction', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9, pp. 13044 - 13055,

Ellersdorfer P; Petersen TC; Opletal G; Bedford NM, 2021, 'Extracting nanoscale structures from experimental and synthetic data with reverse monte carlo', Nano Futures, 5,

Zhang Q; Kumar P; Zhu X; Daiyan R; Bedford NM; Wu KH; Han Z; Zhang T; Amal R; Lu X, 2021, 'Electronically Modified Atomic Sites Within a Multicomponent Co/Cu Composite for Efficient Oxygen Electroreduction', Advanced Energy Materials, 11,

Zurrer T; Wong K; Horlyck J; Lovell EC; Wright J; Bedford NM; Han Z; Liang K; Scott J; Amal R, 2021, 'Mixed-Metal MOF-74 Templated Catalysts for Efficient Carbon Dioxide Capture and Methanation', Advanced Functional Materials, 31,

Griep MH; Sellers MS; Subhash B; Fakner AM; West AL; Bedford NM, 2021, 'Towards the identification of the gold binding region within trypsin stabilized nanoclusters using microwave synthesis routes', Nanoscale, 13, pp. 1061 - 1068,

Zhang Q; Kumar P; Zhu X; Daiyan R; Bedford NM; Wu K; Han Z; Zhang T; Amal R; Lu X, 2021, 'Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Electronically Modified Atomic Sites Within a Multicomponent Co/Cu Composite for Efficient Oxygen Electroreduction (Adv. Energy Mater. 17/2021)', Advanced Energy Materials, 11,

Poerwoprajitno A; Gloag L; Watt J; Cheong S; Henson A; Subhash B; Bedford N; Miller B; O'Mara P; Benedetti T; Huber D; Gooding J; Schuhmann W; Tilley R, 2021, 'Single Pt atoms on Ru nanoparticles for CO-resistant methanol oxidation reaction electrocatalysis', ,

Zhang Q; Tan X; Bedford NM; Han Z; Thomsen L; Smith S; Amal R; Lu X, 2020, 'Direct insights into the role of epoxy groups on cobalt sites for acidic H2O2 production', Nature Communications, 11,

Iranmanesh H; Subhash B; Glover DJ; Bedford NM, 2020, 'Proteins and peptides for functional nanomaterials: Current efforts and new opportunities', MRS Bulletin, 45, pp. 1005 - 1016,

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