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Flanagan P; Frankjaer R, 2019, 'Cyborganic wearables: sociotechnical misbehavior and the evolution of non-human agency', in Koistinen A-K; Karkulehto S; Varis E (ed.), Perspectives on the Non-Human in Literature and Culture, Routledge, New York, pp. 236 - 260,

Flanagan P, 2017, 'Inside, Outside and Beyond the Body: wearable interfaces and the future self', in Zhao R; Chan C (ed.), Minding the Digital, Thongji Press, Shenzhen, pp. 108 - 117

Flanagan P, 2017, 'From thread to artefact: the shape of a walk and the geography of sleep in the era of hyper-mobility', in Lowry S (ed.), Anywhere and Elsewhere

Flanagan P; Papadopoulos D; Voss G, 2015, 'Intimacy and Extimacy: Ethics, Power, and Potential of Wearable Technologies', in Barfield W (ed.), Fundamentals of Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality, edn. Second Edition, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, pp. 32 - 53,

Flanagan P, 2014, 'Trish Flanagan Watt Space Exhibiting Artist 1998 - 1999', in Finnigan P (ed.), 25 Watt, Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle, Australia, pp. 86 - 87

Flanagan P, 2014, 'Hong Kong: Cultural Transformation of the Public Sphere', in Curry J; Hanstedt P (ed.), Reading Hong Kong, Reading Ourselves, City University of HK Press, Hong Kong, pp. 66 - 89

Flanagan P, 2013, 'The Peripatetic Institute for Praxiology and Anthropology', in Sivan A; Chan D; Wong E (ed.), Studies on Teaching & Learning, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, pp. 61 - 76

Flanagan P, 2011, 'Transit Textiles', in Rolet C (ed.), 5 Continents Woven World 7th Triennale Internationale Des arts Textiles Contemporains, Triennale Internationale de la Tapisserie des Art du Tissu, asbl de Tournai, Tournai, Belgium, pp. 54 - 57

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