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Jops P; Cowan J; Kupul M; Trumb RN; Graham SM; Bauri M; Nindil H; Bell S; Keam T; Majumdar S; Pomat W; Marais B; Marks GB; Kaldor J; Vallely A; Kelly-Hanku A, 2023, 'Beyond patient delay, navigating structural health system barriers to timely care and treatment in a high burden TB setting in Papua New Guinea', Global Public Health, 18,

Jops P; Kupul M; Trumb RN; Cowan J; Graham SM; Bell S; Majumdar S; Nindil H; Pomat W; Marais B; Marks G; Vallely AJ; Kaldor J; Kelly-Hanku A, 2022, 'Exploring Tuberculosis Riskscapes in a Papua New Guinean ‘Hotspot’', Qualitative Health Research, 32, pp. 1747 - 1762,

Bryant J; Horwitz R; Gray RM; Lafferty L; Jops P; Blunden H; Hudson S; Brener L, 2022, 'Improving access to drug and alcohol treatment in NSW Australia: The role of self-determination and peer support', Health and Social Care in the Community, 30, pp. e2050 - e2057,

Jops P; Lenette C; Breckenridge J, 2019, 'Lessons of Survival: Exploring the Social Networks and Coping Mechanisms of Chin Refugee Women in Delhi', Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 17, pp. 509 - 528,

Jops P; Breckenridge J; Lenette CD, 2016, 'A context of risk: Uncovering the lived experiences of Chin refugee women who are negotiating a livelihood in Delhi, India.', Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees, 32, pp. 84 - 94,

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