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Gobbi LTB; Lahr J; Jaimes DAR; Pestana MB; Pelicioni PHS, 2017, 'Effects of physical activity on walking in individuals with Parkinson's disease', in Locomotion and Posture in Older Adults: The Role of Aging and Movement Disorders, pp. 177 - 193,

Gobbi LTB; Barbieri FA; Vitrio R; Pereira MP; Teixeira-Arroyo C; Santos PCR; Morais LC; Pelicioni PHS; Simieli L; Orcioli-Silva D; Lahr J; Hamanaka AYY; Salles AC; Alves APT; Takaki CB; Lirani- Silva E; Cezar FA; Stella F; Ferreira MDTO; Caetano MJD; M. Rinaldi N; Formaggio PM; Batistela RA; Raile V, 2014, 'Long-Term Multimodal Exercise Program Improves Motor and Non-Motor Parameters of People with Parkinson’s Disease', in A Synopsis of Parkinson's Disease, InTech,

Gobbi LTB; Barbieri FA; Vitorio R; Pereira MP; of the PROPARKI Group CT-AOB, 2011, 'Effects of a Multimodal Exercise Program on Clinical, Functional Mobility and Cognitive Parameters of Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease Patients', in Diagnostics and Rehabilitation of Parkinson's Disease, InTech,

Journal articles

Ferreira MJ; Pelicioni PHS; Sebastião E, 2024, 'Facilitators of exercise adherence among adults with hypertension: insights into what we already have', Hypertension Research, 47, pp. 829 - 830,

Tsen C; Pelicioni PHS; Aily JB; Bueno D; Gerassi RC; Ansai JH; Gomes GADO; Andrade LPD, 2024, 'Adaptation and reliability of tests of functional mobility and muscle strength using telehealth for older people with dementia', Geriatrics Gerontology and Aging, 18,

Santos LHCCD; Freitas SMSFD; Garbus RBDSC; Silva THGD; McDonald K; Alty J; Latt MD; Pelicioni PHS, 2024, 'The effect of dyskinesia on postural control, balance, gait, and fall risk in people with Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review protocol', Geriatrics Gerontology and Aging, 18,

Tung C; Lord SR; Pelicioni PHS; Sturnieks DL; Menant JCC; Silva Pelicioni P, 2023, 'Prefrontal and Motor Planning Cortical Activity during Stepping Tasks Is Related to Task Complexity but Not Concern about Falling in Older People: A fNIRS Study', Brain Sciences, 13, pp. 1675,

Pelicioni PHS; Lord SR; Menant JC; Chaplin C; Canning C; Brodie MA; Sturnieks DL; Okubo Y, 2023, 'Combined Reactive and Volitional Step Training Improves Balance Recovery and Stepping Reaction Time in People With Parkinson’s Disease: A Randomised Controlled Trial', Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 37, pp. 694 - 704,

Pelicioni PHS; Chan LLY; Shi S; Wong K; Kark L; Okubo Y; Brodie MA, 2023, 'Impact of mobile phone use on accidental falls risk in young adult pedestrians', Heliyon, 9,

Pelicioni PHS; Michell A; Santos PCRD; Schulz JS, 2023, 'Facilitating Access to Current, Evidence-Based Health Information for Non-English Speakers', Healthcare (Switzerland), 11,

Tsen C; Andreatto CADA; Aily JB; Pelicioni PHS; Neto DB; Mattiello SM; Gomes GADO; de Andrade LP, 2023, 'Effects of telehealth on functional capacity, mental health and quality of life among older people with dementia: LAPESI telehealth protocol for a randomized controlled trial', Physiotherapy Research International, 28,

Pelicioni PHS; Waters DL; Still A; Hale L, 2022, 'A pilot investigation of reliability and validity of balance and gait assessments using telehealth with healthy older adults', Experimental Gerontology, 162,

Pelicioni PHS; Lord SR; Okubo Y; Menant JC, 2022, 'Cortical activation during gait adaptability in people with Parkinson's disease', Gait and Posture, 91, pp. 247 - 253,

Pelicioni PHS; Pereira MP; Lahr J; Dos Santos PCR; Gobbi LTB, 2021, 'Assessment of force production in parkinson’s disease subtypes', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18,

Pelicioni PHS; Lord SR; Sturnieks DL; Halmy B; Menant JC; Silva Pelicioni P, 2021, 'Cognitive and Motor Cortical Activity During Cognitively Demanding Stepping Tasks in Older People at Low and High Risk of Falling', Frontiers in Medicine, 8, pp. 554231,

Pelicioni PHS; Menant JC; Henderson EJ; Latt MD; Brodie MA; Lord SR, 2021, 'Mild and marked executive dysfunction and falls in people with Parkinson's disease', Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy, 25, pp. 437 - 443,

Perracini MR; de Amorim JSC; Lima CA; da Silva A; Trombini-Souza F; Pereira DS; Pelicioni PHS; Duim E; Batista PP; dos Santos RB; de Lima MDCC; Carlos AG; Santos AD; da Silva Fittipaldi EO; Campos H; Gazzola JM; Moreira M; Ferreira MB; de Oliveira Cirino NT; Dantas RO; dos Ramos Varanda R; de Moraes SA; de Alvarenga GM; Ribeiro da Silva CC; Bandeira Felipe SG; Lustosa LP, 2021, 'Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Life-Space Mobility of Older Adults Living in Brazil: REMOBILIZE Study', Frontiers in Public Health, 9,

Pelicioni PHS; Santos AD; Tako KV; Santos PCR, 2021, 'COVID-19 and its impact on human motor control', Brazilian Journal of Motor Behavior, 15, pp. 9 - 19,

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Pelicioni PHS; Lord SR; Okubo Y; Sturnieks DL; Menant JC; Silva Pelicioni P, 2020, 'People With Parkinson’s Disease Exhibit Reduced Cognitive and Motor Cortical Activity When Undertaking Complex Stepping Tasks Requiring Inhibitory Control', Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 34, pp. 1088 - 1098,

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Pelicioni PHS; Lord SR; Silva Pelicioni P, 2020, 'COVID-19 will severely impact older people's lives, and in many more ways than you think!', Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy, 24, pp. 293 - 294,

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Lahr J; Pereira MP; Pelicioni PHS; Batistela RA; Gobbi LTB, 2018, 'lado de início da doença influencia a destreza manual de pacientes com doença de Parkinson', Revista de Terapia Ocupacional da Universidade de São Paulo, 29, pp. 223 - 229,

Pelicioni PHS; Brodie MA; Latt MD; Menant JC; Menz HB; Fung VSC; Lord SR; Silva Pelicioni P, 2018, 'Head and trunk stability during gait before and after levodopa intake in Parkinson's disease subtypes', Experimental Gerontology, 111, pp. 78 - 85,

Caetano MJD; Lord SR; Brodie MA; Schoene D; Pelicioni PHS; Sturnieks DL; Menant JC; Silva Pelicioni P, 2018, 'Executive functioning, concern about falling and quadriceps strength mediate the relationship between impaired gait adaptability and fall risk in older people', Gait and Posture, 59, pp. 188 - 192,

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Pereira MP; Pelicioni PHS; Gobbi LTB, 2013, 'Parkinson's disease severity and motor subtype influence physical capacity components', Motriz. Revista de Educacao Fisica, 19, pp. 605 - 613,

Conference Papers

Brodie MA; Pelicioni PH; Okubo Y; Chan DY; Carroll V; Toson B; Vigano D; MacAgno M; Sternberg S; Schreier G; Lovell NH, 2023, 'Immediate Effects of Lower Limb Sensory Simulation Using Smart Socks to Stabilize Gait in People with Parkinson's Disease', in Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS,

Huang X; Pelicioni P; Latt M; Brodie M; Khushi M; Lord S; Loy C; Poon SK, 2021, 'A multi-view classification framework for falls prediction: Multiple-domain assessments in Parkinson's disease', in Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, pp. 3398 - 3406

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