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Gobbi LTB; Lahr J; Jaimes DAR; Pestana MB; Pelicioni PHS, 2017, 'Effects of physical activity on walking in individuals with Parkinson's disease', in Locomotion and Posture in Older Adults: The Role of Aging and Movement Disorders, pp. 177 - 193,

Gobbi LTB; Barbieri FA; Vitrio R; Pereira MP; Teixeira-Arroyo C; Santos PCR; Morais LC; Pelicioni PHS; Simieli L; Orcioli-Silva D; Lahr J; Hamanaka AYY; Salles AC; Alves APT; Takaki CB; Lirani- Silva E; Cezar FA; Stella F; Ferreira MDTO; Caetano MJD; M. Rinaldi N; Formaggio PM; Batistela RA; Raile V, 2014, 'Long-Term Multimodal Exercise Program Improves Motor and Non-Motor Parameters of People with Parkinson’s Disease', in A Synopsis of Parkinson's Disease, InTech,

Gobbi LTB; Barbieri FA; Vitorio R; Pereira MP; of the PROPARKI Group CT-AOB, 2011, 'Effects of a Multimodal Exercise Program on Clinical, Functional Mobility and Cognitive Parameters of Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease Patients', in Diagnostics and Rehabilitation of Parkinson's Disease, InTech,

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