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Neal P; Gilmore N; Artup J, (eds.), 2020, 'Building engineering identity via inclusive online impromptu design', UNSW Sydney, presented at 2020 UNSW Learning and Teaching Forum—Learning without limits: Leading the change, UNSW Sydney, 19 November 2020 - 20 November 2020,

Lutze-Mann L; Amberer M; Bilbao J; Binder T; Carlon S; Chen Z; Davis S; Dedova I; Eaton R; Holdom R; Jones P; Kanapathipillai K; Lapere K; Liu K; Mak C; Neal P; Oliver C; Pather N; Smith F; Sulway S; Taylor S; Velan G; Watson K, 2018, 'Digital assessment: empowering students and supporting teachers through innovative student-oriented educational practices', UNSW Sydney, presented at 2018 UNSW Learning and Teaching Forum — Partners in Learning: Connecting Communities, UNSW Sydney, 26 October 2018

Allinson WG; Hou W; Azizi E; Neal PR; Cinar Y; Paterson L; Kaldi J, 2012, 'Estimating the CO2 storage capacity of sites in Australia', Coolum, Queensland, presented at CO2CRC Annual Symposium, Coolum, Queensland, -

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