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Freichel R; Mrkonja L; de Jong PJ; Cousijn J; Franken IHA; ruiter T; Le Pelley M; Albertella L; Watson P; Veer I; Wiers R, 2023, Value-Modulated Attentional Capture in Reward and Punishment Contexts, Attentional Control, and their Relationship with Psychopathology, ,

van Timmeren T; Watson P; van de Vijver I; de wit S, 2022, Taxing working memory shifts the balance from goals to stimulus-response habits, ,

Watson P; O'Callaghan C; Perkes I; Bradfield L; Turner K, 2022, Making habits measurable beyond what they are not: a focus on associative dual-process models, ,

Watson P; Gladwin TE; de wit S, 2021, Investigating habits in humans with a symmetrical outcome revaluation task, ,

Le JT; Watson P; Le Pelley M, 2021, ‘Habit-like’ attentional prioritisation of reward-related stimuli, ,

Ciria LF; Watson P; Vadillo MA; Luque D, 2021, Is the habit system altered in individuals with obesity? A systematic review, ,

Le Pelley M; Ung R; Mine C; Most S; Watson P; Theeuwes J, 2020, Reward learning and statistical learning independently influence attentional priority of salient distractors in visual search, ,

Le JT; Watson P; Begg D; Albertella L; Le Pelley M, 2020, Physiological and subjective validation of a novel stress procedure: The Simple Singing Stress Procedure, ,

Luque D; Molinero S; Watson P; López FJ; Le Pelley M, 2019, Measuring habit formation through goal-directed response switching, ,

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