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Meyer Q; Rasha L; Koegeler HM; Foster S; Adcock P; Shearing PR; Brett DJL, 2018, 'Design of experiments to generate a fuel cell electro-thermal performance map and optimise transitional pathways', in International Journal of Powertrains, pp. 118 - 141,

Hack J; Meyer Q; Iacoviello F; Cullen P; Mansor N; Shearing P; Brandon N; Brett D, 2017, 'A MULTI-SCALE APPROACH TO POLYMER ELECTROLYTE FUEL CELL CHARACTERISATION', in EFC 2017 - Proceedings of the 7th European Fuel Cell Piero Lunghi Conference, pp. 235 - 236

Hunter H; David B; Okedi T; Meyer Q; Brett D, 2016, 'Demonstrating hydrogen production from ammonia-identifying a PEM fuel cell purge strategy', in WHEC 2016 - 21st World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2016, Proceedings, pp. 984 - 985

Obeisun OA; Meyer Q; Engebretsen E; Finegan DP; Robinson JB; Hinds G; Shearing PR; Brett DJL, 2015, 'Study of water accumulation dynamics in the channels of an open-cathode fuel cell through electro-thermal characterisation and droplet visualisation', in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, pp. 16786 - 16796,

Meyer Q; Himeur A; Ashton S; Curnick O; Clague R; Reisch T; Adcock P; Shearing PR; Brett DJL, 2015, 'System-level electro-thermal optimisation of air-cooled open-cathode polymer electrolyte fuel cells: Air blower parasitic load and schemes for dynamic operation', in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, pp. 16760 - 16766,

Obeisun OA; Meyer Q; Robinson J; Gibbs CW; Kucernak AR; Shearing P; Brett DJL, 2014, 'Advanced diagnostics applied to a self-breathing fuel cell', in ECS Transactions, pp. 249 - 258,

Meyer Q; Ashton S; Curnick O; Reisch T; Adcock P; Shearing PR; Brett DJL, 2014, 'Effect of controlled anode flow release on dead-ended anode proton exchange membrane fuel cells', in ECS Transactions, pp. 239 - 247,

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