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Yagound B; Sarma RR; Edwards RJ; Richardson MF; Rodriguez Lopez CM; Crossland MR; Brown GP; DeVore JL; Shine R; Rollins LA, 2024, 'Is developmental plasticity triggered by DNA methylation changes in the invasive cane toad (Rhinella marina)?', Ecology and Evolution, 14,

Cheung K; Amos TG; Shine R; DeVore JL; Ducatez S; Edwards RJ; Rollins LA, 2024, 'Whole-mitogenome analysis unveils previously undescribed genetic diversity in cane toads across their invasion trajectory', Ecology and Evolution, 14,

de Jong E; Parata L; Bayer PE; Corrigan S; Edwards RJ, 2024, 'Toward genome assemblies for all marine vertebrates: current landscape and challenges', GigaScience, 13,

Stuart KC; Edwards RJ; Sherwin WB; Rollins LA, 2023, 'Contrasting Patterns of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Structural Variation Across Multiple Invasions', Molecular Biology and Evolution, 40,

Stuart KC; Sherwin WB; Edwards RJ; Rollins LA, 2023, 'Evolutionary genomics: Insights from the invasive European starlings', Frontiers in Genetics, 13,

Chen SH; Martino AM; Luo Z; Schwessinger B; Jones A; Tolessa T; Bragg JG; Tobias PA; Edwards RJ, 2023, 'A high-quality pseudo-phased genome for Melaleuca quinquenervia shows allelic diversity of NLR-type resistance genes', GigaScience, 12,

Ballard JOW; Field MA; Edwards RJ; Wilson LAB; Koungoulos LG; Rosen BD; Chernoff B; Dudchenko O; Omer A; Keilwagen J; Skvortsova K; Bogdanovic O; Chan E; Zammit R; Hayes V; Aiden EL, 2023, 'The Australasian dingo archetype: de novo chromosome-length genome assembly, DNA methylome, and cranial morphology', GigaScience, 12,

Holland SI; Vázquez-Campos X; Ertan H; Edwards RJ; Manefield MJ; Lee M; Vazquez Campos X, 2022, 'Metaproteomics reveals methyltransferases implicated in dichloromethane and glycine betaine fermentation by ‘Candidatus Formimonas warabiya’ strain DCMF', Frontiers in Microbiology, 13, pp. 1035247,

Stuart KC; Edwards RJ; Cheng Y; Warren WC; Burt DW; Sherwin WB; Hofmeister NR; Werner SJ; Ball GF; Bateson M; Brandley MC; Buchanan KL; Cassey P; Clayton DF; De Meyer T; Meddle SL; Rollins LA, 2022, 'Transcript- and annotation-guided genome assembly of the European starling', Molecular Ecology Resources, 22, pp. 3141 - 3160,

Chen SH; Rossetto M; van der Merwe M; Lu-Irving P; Yap JYS; Sauquet H; Bourke G; Amos TG; Bragg JG; Edwards RJ, 2022, 'Chromosome-level de novo genome assembly of Telopea speciosissima (New South Wales waratah) using long-reads, linked-reads and Hi-C', Molecular Ecology Resources, 22, pp. 1836 - 1854,

Field MA; Yadav S; Dudchenko O; Esvaran M; Rosen BD; Skvortsova K; Edwards RJ; Keilwagen J; Cochran BJ; Manandhar B; Bustamante S; Rasmussen JA; Melvin RG; Chernoff B; Omer A; Colaric Z; Chan EKF; Minoche AE; Smith TPL; Gilbert MTP; Bogdanovic O; Zammit RA; Thomas T; Aiden EL; Ballard JWO, 2022, 'The Australian dingo is an early offshoot of modern breed dogs', Science Advances, 8,

Galbraith JD; Ludington AJ; Sanders KL; Amos TG; Thomson VA; Tuipulotu DE; Dunstan N; Edwards RJ; Suh A; Adelson DL, 2022, 'Horizontal Transposon Transfer and Its Implications for the Ancestral Ecology of Hydrophiine Snakes', Genes, 13,

Potter S; Bragg JG; Turakulov R; Eldridge MDB; Deakin J; Kirkpatrick M; Edwards RJ; Moritz C, 2022, 'Limited Introgression between Rock-Wallabies with Extensive Chromosomal Rearrangements', Molecular Biology and Evolution, 39,

Edwards RJ; Field MA; Ferguson JM; Dudchenko O; Keilwagen J; Rosen BD; Johnson GS; Rice ES; Hillier LD; Hammond JM; Towarnicki SG; Omer A; Khan R; Skvortsova K; Bogdanovic O; Zammit RA; Aiden EL; Warren WC; Ballard JWO, 2021, 'Chromosome-length genome assembly and structural variations of the primal Basenji dog (Canis lupus familiaris) genome', BMC Genomics, 22,

Benaud N; Edwards RJ; Amos TG; D'Agostino PM; Gutiérrez-Chávez C; Montgomery K; Nicetic I; Ferrari BC, 2021, 'Antarctic desert soil bacteria exhibit high novel natural product potential, evaluated through long-read genome sequencing and comparative genomics', Environmental Microbiology, 23, pp. 3646 - 3664,

Sarma RR; Crossland MR; Eyck HJF; Devore JL; Edwards RJ; Cocomazzo M; Zhou J; Brown GP; Shine R; Rollins LA, 2021, 'Intergenerational effects of manipulating DNA methylation in the early life of an iconic invader', Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 376,

Chen S; Rossetto M; van der Merwe M; Lu-Irving P; Yap J-Y; Sauquet H; Bourke G; Amos T; Bragg J; Edwards R, 2021, 'Chromosome-levelde novogenome assembly ofTelopea speciosissima(New South Wales waratah) using long-reads, linked-reads and Hi-C', ,

Galbraith J; Ludington A; Sanders K; Amos T; Thomson V; Tuipulotu DE; Dunstan N; Edwards R; Suh A; Adelson D, 2021, 'Horizontal transposon transfer and its implications for the ancestral ecology of hydrophiine snakes', ,

Sarma RR; Edwards RJ; Crino OL; Eyck HJF; Waters PD; Crossland MR; Shine R; Rollins LA, 2020, 'Do epigenetic changes drive corticosterone responses to alarm cues in larvae of an invasive Amphibian?', Integrative and Comparative Biology, 60, pp. 1481 - 1494,

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Johansson SA; Stephenson PG; Edwards RJ; Yoshida K; Moore CM; Terauchi R; Zubkov MV; Terry MJ; Bibby TS, 2020, 'Isolation and molecular characterisation of Dunaliella tertiolecta with truncated light-harvesting antenna for enhanced photosynthetic efficiency', Algal Research, 48,

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Idrees S; Pérez-Bercoff Å; Edwards RJ, 2018, 'Correction: SLiMEnrich: computational assessment of protein-protein interaction data as a source of domain-motif interactions.', PeerJ, 6,

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Glenn WK; Ngan CC; Amos TG; Edwards RJ; Swift J; Lutze-Mann L; Shang F; Whitaker NJ; Lawson JS, 2017, 'High risk human papilloma viruses (HPVs) are present in benign prostate tissues before development of HPV associated prostate cancer', Infectious Agents and Cancer, 12, pp. 46,

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