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Hogg C; Edwards R; Farquharson K; Silver L; Brandies P; Peel E; Escalona M; Jaya F; Sun R; Batley K; Bradford T; Chang JK; Chen Z; Deshpande N; Dziminski M; Ewart K; Griffith O; Marin-Gual L; Moon K; Travouillon K; Waters P; Whittington C; Wilkins M; Helgen K; Lo N; Ho S; Ruiz-Herrera A; Paltridge R; Graves J; Renfree M; Shapiro B; Ottewell K; Rangers KC; Belov K, 2023, Extant and extinct bilby genomes combined with Indigenous knowledge improve conservation of a unique Australian marsupial, ,

Ballard JWO; Field MA; Edwards RJ; Wilson LAB; Koungoulos LG; Rosen BD; Chernoff B; Dudchenko O; Omer A; Keilwagen J; Skvortsova K; Bogdanovic O; Chan E; Zammit R; Hayes V; Aiden EL, 2023, The Australasian dingo archetype: De novo chromosome-length genome assembly, DNA methylome, and cranial morphology., ,

Chen S; Martino A; Luo Z; Schwessinger B; Jones A; Tolessa T; Bragg J; Tobias P; Edwards R, 2023, A high-quality pseudo-phased genome forMelaleuca quinquenerviashows allelic diversity of NLR-type resistance genes, ,

Eyck HJF; Edwards R; Brown G; Shine R; Rollins L, 2023, First in family Rhabdiasidae: the reference-guided genome assembly of an invasive parasite, the cane toad lungworm (Rhabdias pseudosphaerocephala), ,

Yagound B; Sarma R; Edwards R; Richardson M; Lopez CR; Crossland M; Brown G; DeVore J; Shine R; Rollins L, 2023, Is developmental plasticity triggered by DNA methylation changes in the invasive cane toad (Rhinella marina)?, ,

Cheung K; Amos TG; Shine R; DeVore JL; DeVore JL; Ducatez S; Edwards RJ; Rollins LA, 2023, Mitochondrial genome analyses uncover intriguing population structure across the invasive trajectory of an iconic invader, ,

Tobias P; Edwards R; Surana P; Mangelson H; Inácio V; do Céu Silva M; Várzea V; Park R; Batista D, 2022, A chromosome-level genome resource for studying virulence mechanisms and evolution of the coffee rust pathogen Hemileia vastatrix, ,

Edwards R; Dong C; Park R; Tobias P, 2022, A phased chromosome-level genome and full mitochondrial sequence for the dikaryotic myrtle rust pathogen, Austropuccinia psidii, ,

Stuart K; Edwards R; Sherwin W; Rollins L, 2022, Contrasting patterns of single nucleotide polymorphisms and structural variations across multiple invasions, ,

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