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Phetsouphanh C; Jacka B; Ballouz S; Jackson KJL; Wilson D; Manandhar B; Klemm V; Tan H-X; Wheatley A; Aggarwal A; Akerman A; Milogiannakis V; Starr M; Cunningham P; Turville S; Kent S; Byrne A; Brew B; Darley D; Dore G; Kelleher A; Matthews G, 2023, Improvement of immune dysregulation and health-related quality of life in individuals with long COVID at 24-months following SARS-CoV-2 infection, ,

Werner JM; Ballouz S; Hover J; Gillis J, 2021, Cross-tissue analysis of allelic X-chromosome inactivation ratios resolves features of human development, ,

Kaminow B; Ballouz S; Gillis J; Dobin A, 2020, Virtue as the mean: Pan-human consensus genome significantly improves the accuracy of RNA-seq analyses, ,

Lee J; Shah M; Ballouz S; Crow M; Gillis J, 2020, CoCoCoNet: Conserved and Comparative Co-expression Across a Diverse Set of Species, ,

Ballouz S; Dobin A; Gillis J, 2019, Is it time to change the reference genome?, ,

Crow M; Paul A; Ballouz S; Huang ZJ; Gillis J, 2017, Addressing the looming identity crisis in single cell RNA-seq, ,

Ballouz S; Pavlidis P; Gillis J, 2016, Using predictive specificity to determine when gene set analysis is biologically meaningful, ,

Ballouz S; Weber M; Pavlidis P; Gillis J, 2016, EGAD: Ultra-fast functional analysis of gene networks, ,

Ballouz S; Gillis J, 2016, AuPairWise: a method to estimate RNA-seq replicability through co-expression, ,

Ballouz S; Gillis J, 2016, Strength of functional signature correlates with effect size in autism, ,

Lihm J; Ahrens S; Ballouz S; Lee H; Crow M; Tollkuhn J; McCarthy S; Li B; McCombie WR; Gillis J, How Low Can You Go? Calling Robust ATAC-Seq Peaks Through Read Down-Sampling, ,

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