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Silvera-Tawil D; Brown SA, 2019, 'Cross-Collaborative Approach to Socially-Assistive Robotics: A Case Study of Humanoid Robots in a Therapeutic Intervention for Autistic Children', in Korn O (ed.), Social Robots: Technological, Societal and Ethical Aspects of Human-Robot Interaction, Springer International Publishing, pp. 165 - 186,

Brown S; Gemeinboeck P, 2018, 'Sensory Conversation: An Interactive Environment to Augment Social Communication in Autistic Children', in Huber J; Shilkrot R; Maes P; Nanayakkara S (ed.), Assistive Augmentation, Springer, pp. 131 - 151,

Brown SA, 2013, 'The Aesthetics of Negotiation: Using interactive technology to facilitate aesthetic choice of children with sensory processing disorders', in Lunn J; Bizjak S; Summers S (ed.), Changing Facts, Changing Minds, Changing Worlds, Black Swan Press,

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