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Mabunda S; Durbach A; Chitha W; Moaletsane O; Angell B; Joshi R, 2023, Running Return of Service Schemes in Southern Africa: Lessons from Botswana, Eswatini and Lesotho, ,

Faleni M; Mabunda SA; Ziphelele N; Pulido Estrada GA; Apalata T; Nomatshila SCC, 2022, Factors Associated with Treatment Outcomes among Patients Living with HIV and Hypertension Comorbidity in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, ,

Sitonga N; Nomatshila SC; Phalane M; Chitha WW; Mabunda SA, 2022, Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of sex workers of three South African towns towards female condom use and contraceptives, ,

Nomatshila SC; Apalata TR; Mabunda SA, 2021, Perceptions of School Management on the Relationship between School Nutrition and Development of Non-communicable Diseases in a Rural South African District: A Qualitative Study, ,

Chitha WW; Mnyaka OR; Hongoro DJ; Godlimpi L; Swartbooi B; Williams N; Pahlana S; Masemola MA; Mokobane G; Mulamu M; Mabophe K; Mashao T; Maake K; Bodzo PMP; Essel V; Mabunda SA, 2021, Protocol for Exploring Effective Clinical Governance Strategies in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga Provinces, ,

Mabunda S; Durbach A; Chitha W; Angell B; Joshi R, 2021, Are Return of Service Bursaries an Effective Investment to Build Health Workforce Capacity? A Qualitative Study of Key South African Policymakers, ,

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