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D'Arcy S, 2018, 'The Allegory of the Cave: Speculations between Interior and Landscape for the Barangaroo Headland Cultural Facility', in Sparke P; Brown P; Lara-Betancourt P; Lee G; Taylor M (ed.), Flow. Interior, Landscape and Architecture in the Era of Liquid Modernity, Bloomsbury, London, pp. 57 - 65

D'Arcy SL, 2017, 'Cathedral organs in Spain and Latin America', in Courtwright N (ed.), Grove Art Online, Oxford University Press,

D'Arcy SL, 2017, 'Configuring and Reconfiguring Cathedral Space in the Spanish Atlantic: From Cathedral-Mosque to Baroque Machine', in Corringa J (ed.), Religion, Space and the Atlantic World, University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, South Carloina, pp. 201 - 228,

D'Arcy SL, 2017, 'Church Interiors', in Broomhall S (ed.), Early Modern Emotions An Introduction, Routledge,

D'Arcy SL, 2016, 'Temples of Commerce: Banking and Insurance Chambers', in O'Callaghan J; Hogben P; Freestone R (ed.), Sydney's Martin Place. A Cultural and Design History, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, pp. 87 - 104

D'Arcy SL, 2014, 'Sky-high ambitions: Sydney’s restaurants', in Hogben P; O'Callaghan J (ed.), Leisure Space: The Transformation of Sydney, 1945-1970, edn. 1, Newsouth Books, Sydney, pp. 92 - 107,

Zamberlan L; D'Arcy SL, 2014, 'Creative Districts: Surry Hills, Sydney', in Marques L; Richards G (ed.), Creative Districts Around the World, NHTV, Breda, pp. 203 - 208,

D'Arcy SL, 2014, 'Espacio, música y emoción: la arquitectura y el órgano en la España barroca', in Tomas P (ed.), El libro de la 53 SMRC, Fundacíon Patronato Semana de Música Religiosa de Cuenca, Cuenca,

D'Arcy SL, 2013, 'Painted cloth and the transformation of Seville Cathedral for the 1671 festivities of the canonization of Saint Ferdinand III', in Costaras N; Young C (ed.), Setting the Scene. European Painted Cloths from the fourtheenth to the twenty-first century, Archetype Publications, London, pp. 85 - 91,

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