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Alan M; El Sawah S, 2020, 'System Dynamics Modeling to Inform Defense Strategic Decision-Making', in Meyers RA (ed.), Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, Springer,

Patrick MJ; Elsawah S; Burgher I; Jakeman AJ, 2016, 'Australian water security: A water-food-environment-energy nexus perspective', in Handbook on Water Security, pp. 232 - 358

El Sawah SA, 2016, 'Incorporating Human Aspects into Groundwater Research and Policy Making: A Soft and Critical Systems Thinking Approach', in Integrated Groundwater Management, pp. 619 - 637,

Holley C; Jakeman A; Kelly (nee Letcher) R; Ticehurst J; Blakers R; Croke B; Curtis A; Fu B; El Sawah S; Gardner A; Guillame J; Hartley M; Hutchings P; Pannell D; Ross A; Sharp E; Sinclair D; Wilson A, 2013, 'Modelling for Managing the Complex Issue of Catchment-Scale Surface and Groundwater Allocation', in Obaidat MS; Filipe J; Kacprzyk J; Pina N (ed.), Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, Springer Science & Business Media,

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