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Akl A; Rahman HF; Chakrabortty RK; ElSawah S, 2023, An Assets Maintenance-Workforce Planning Problem Under Uncertainty a Chance Constraints Assisted Simulation-Optimization Approach, ,

Aly E; ElSawah S; Turan HH; Ryan MJ, 2023, An OOBN Pattern Language Design: Toward Boosting the Composability and Reusability of Component-Based Probabilistic Models, ,

Kahagalage SD; Turan HH; El Sawah S; Gary M, 2023, Exploratory Modelling and Analysis to Support Defence Resource Planning, Asset Management, and Decision-Making Under Deep Uncertainty, ,

Abbass HA; Elsawah S; Petraki E; Hunjet R, 2020, Machine Education: Designing semantically ordered and ontologically guided modular neural networks, ,

Ali IM; Turan HH; ElSawah S, A Military Fleet Mix Problem For High-Valued Defense Assets: A Simulation-Based Optimization Approach, ,

Ali IM; Biswas S; Turan HH; Chakrabortty RK; ElSawah S; Ryan MJ, An Integrated Differential Evolution Algorithm for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems, ,

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