Select Publications

Edited Books

Lushenko P; Bose S; Maley W, (eds.), 2021, Drones and Global Order: The implications of remote warfare for international society, Routledge, London,

Kent L; Forsyth M; Dinnen S; Wallis J; Bose S, (eds.), 2019, Hybridity in Peacebuilding and Development: A critical and reflexive approach, Routledge, London,

Bose S; Motwani N; Maley W, (eds.), 2018, Afghanistan - Challenges and Prospects, Routledge, London,

Wallis J; Kent L; Forsyth M; Dinnen S; Bose S, (eds.), 2018, Hybridity on the Ground in Peacebuilding and Development: Critical Conversations, ANU Press, Canberra,

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