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Lee A; Koo T, 2020, 'Exploratory study of the impact of significant ecotourism experience on voluntary carbon-offset behaviour of young travellers in their long-haul air travel choices', in Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism

Jung J; Koo T; Hay P; Smith S, 2019, 'The Predictors of the Decisions by Gifted Students to Pursue STEM Careers: The Case of Brazilian International Students in Australia', in Handbook of Giftedness and Talent Development in the Asia-Pacific, Springer,

Koo T; Tan D; Duval D, 2018, 'The Effect of Levels of Air Service Availability on Inbound tourism demand from Asia to Australia', in Fu X; Peoples J (ed.), , Emerald, pp. 145 - 167,

Koo TT; Papatheodorou A, 2017, 'Spatial Evolution of Airports: A New Geographical Economics Perspective', in Bitzan JD; Peoples JH (ed.), Advances in Airline Economics: The Economics of Airport Operations, edn. Advances in airline economics, Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 235 - 259,

Koo TT; Wu CL; Dwyer L, 2014, 'Air Transport and Spatiality of Tourist Flows: The Case of Australia', in duval (ed.), Air Transport in the Asia Pacific, Ashgate, Surrey, UK, pp. 125 - 141,

Duval D; Koo TT, 2012, 'The Politics and Geographies of International Air Transport', in wilson (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Tourism Geographies, Routledge, pp. 207 - 213

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