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Wasko C; Westra S; Nathan R; Pepler A; Raupach T; Dowdy A; Johnson F; Ho M; McInnes K; Jakob D; Evans J; Villarini G; Fowler H, 2023, A systematic review of climate change science relevant to Australian design flood estimation, ,

Raupach TH; Martynov A; Nisi L; Hering A; Barton Y; Martius O, 2021, Object-based analysis of simulated thunderstorms in Switzerland: application and validation of automated thunderstorm tracking on simulation data, ,

Bringi V; Mishra KV; Thurai M; Kennedy PC; Raupach TH, 2020, Retrieval of Lower-Order Moments of the Drop Size Distribution using CSU-CHILL X-band Polarimetric Radar: A Case Study, ,

Rios Gaona MF; Overeem A; Raupach TH; Leijnse H; Uijlenhoet R, 2017, Rainfall retrieval with commercial microwave links in São Paulo, Brazil, ,

Raupach TH; Berne A, 2016, Retrieval of the raindrop size distribution from polarimetric radar data using double-moment normalisation, ,

Nord G; Boudevillain B; Berne A; Branger F; Braud I; Dramais G; Gérard S; Le Coz J; Legoût C; Molinié G; Van Baelen J; Vandervaere J-P; Andrieu J; Aubert C; Calianno M; Delrieu G; Grazioli J; Hachani S; Horner I; Huza J; Le Boursicaud R; Raupach TH; Teuling AJ; Uber M; Vincendon B; Wijbrans A, 2016, A high space-time resolution dataset linking meteorological forcing and hydro-sedimentary response in a mesoscale Mediterranean catchment (Auzon) of the Ardèche region, France, ,

Raupach TH; Berne A, 2014, Correction of raindrop size distributions measured by Parsivel disdrometers, using a two-dimensional-video-disdrometer as a reference, ,

Grazioli J; Tuia D; Monhart S; Schneebeli M; Raupach T; Berne A, 2014, Hydrometor classification from 2 dimensional videodisdrometer data, ,

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