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Tello V; Simbao R; Miner DAT; Mignolo W; Butt Z; Hernández É; Machiavello C, 2021, Future Souths: Aesthetics and Dialogues of the Global Souths, Third Text Publications and ÉCFRASIS, London and Santiago,

Tello V, 2016, Counter-Memorial Aesthetics: Refugee Histories and the Politics of Contemporary Art, Radical Aesthetics Radical Art, Bloomsbury, London and New York,

Book Chapters

Tello V, 2021, 'How to Appear? Writing art history in Australia after 1973', in Wake C; Suliman S; Little S (ed.), Performance, Refuge, Resistance, Routledge, London and New York

Tello V, 2019, 'Is Contemporary Art Postdevelopmental? A Study of 'Art as NGO'', in Morreo Boada C; Klein E (ed.), Postdevelopmental Practice, Routledge, London and New York, pp. 306 - 320,

Tello V, 2019, 'The Speculative Collectivity of the Global Transnational, Or, Social Practice and the International Division of Labour', in Eckersall P; Grehan H (ed.), The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Politics, Routledge, London and New York, pp. 151 - 155,

Tello V, 2018, 'Aesthetic Autonomy at the Border: Notes on Necro-Art', in Lushetich N (ed.), The Aesthetics of Necropolitics, edn. Experiments/On the Political, Rowman and Littlefield, London and New York, pp. 55 - 55,

Tello V; Campus in Camps , 2017, 'Collective Dictionary: Political', in Hlavajova M; Sheikh S (ed.), Former West: Art and the Contemporary After 1989, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass, pp. 656 - 656

Edited Books

Baker Smith D; Blackmore K, (ed.), 2020, Barbara Cleveland: Thinking Business, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, Goulburn,

Journal articles

Tello V; Valenzuela-Valdivia S, 2021, 'A Partial History of South-South Art Criticism: Juan Dávila's collaborations with Art & Text and Chilean art workers during the Pinochet regime (1981-1990)', Third Text

Tello V; Valenzuela-Valdivia S, 2021, 'Southern Atlas: Art criticism across the Pacific during the Pinochet regime (1975-1990)', Third Text

Tello V, 2020, 'What is contemporary about institutional critique?', Third Text,

Tello V, 2019, 'Counter-memory and and–and: Aesthetics and temporalities for living together', Memory Studies, vol. 17, pp. 1 - 12,

Tello V; Fisher L, 2016, 'The Fiction of Aftermath: Public Art, Public Imagination and the Aesthetics of Anthropogenic Crisis', Australian Humanities Review, vol. 60, pp. 1 - 20,

Tello V, 2016, 'Performing Crisis: Critical Solidarity in/with the Silent University', Broadsheet, vol. 45, pp. 31 - 34,

Tello V, 2014, 'The Aesthetics and Politics of Aftermath Photography: Rosemary Laing's welcome to Australia (2004)', Third Text: third world perspectives on contemporary art and culture, vol. 28, pp. 553 - 560,

Tello V, 2014, 'Counter-Memory, Heterochronia, and 'History Painting' (After Géricault): Dierk Schmidt's SIEV-X - On a Case of Intensified Refugee Politics', Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture, vol. 3, pp. 21 - 37,

Tello V, 2012, 'Review: Rhetorical Gestures: The 18th Biennale of Sydney', Afterall (Online),

Tello V, 2011, 'Between Counter-memory and Paranoia: Dierk Schmidt's triptych: Xenophobe, Freedom and Untitled (Louvre) (2001/2002)', Tijdschrift Kunstlicht, vol. 32, pp. 16 - 23

Tello V, 2010, 'Review: The Division of the Earth', Afterall (Online),

Conference Papers

Tello V, 2016, 'Post-Institutional Critique in the Former West', in Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Leonardo/International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST), Boston, presented at Post-Society and Financial Exsanguination:The Social: 4th International Association for Visual Culture Biennial Conference, Boston, 29 September 2016 - 01 October 2016,

Conference Presentations

Tello V, 2018, 'On the Margins of Global Art History', presented at Art Association of Australia and New Zealand, RMIT, Melbourne, 04 December 2018 - 08 December 2018,

Tello V; Nguyen J; Macauley L; Odugbesan A; Thomopoulos C, 2017, 'Decolonial Everywhere Study and Planning Group (workshops)', presented at Performance Studies international, Hamburg, 07 June 2017 - 11 June 2017

Tello V; Nguyen J, 2017, 'Decolonial Everywhere Study and Planning Group: Infrastructures of Knowledge', presented at Affective Shifts: Inside and Outside the Nation and Body, UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, 21 February 2017 - 21 February 2017

Tello V, 2016, 'Enduring Crises of Statelessness', presented at Performance Studies International, Melbourne, 05 July 2016 - 09 July 2016,

Biddle J; Munster A; Tello V, 2016, '[Convened Seminar Series]', presented at precarity//futurity//aesthetics, CCAP and Visual Anthropology, NIEA, UNSW Art & Design, -

Tello V, 2012, 'Distillations of Time: The Politics of Aftermath Photography and Rosemary Laing's to walk on a sea of salt (2004)', presented at Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, University of Sydney, 11 July 2012 - 12 July 2012,

Tello V, 2010, 'After Géricault: Dierk Schmidt's 'History Paintings' for SIEV-X', presented at Association of Art Historians Conference, University of Glasgow, 15 April 2010 - 17 April 2010,

Tello V, 2009, 'Dierk Schmidt: SIEV-X and the recalibration of mass media images', presented at Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, Australian National University, Canberra, 26 November 2009 - 28 November 2009,

Curatorial Outputs

Tello V, 2017, Future Souths: Dialogues and Aesthetics of the Global Souths, exhibited at: online, 03 July 2017 - 23 August 2017, Future Souths: Dialogues and Aesthetics of the Global Souths,

Tello V, 2008, team Australia, exhibited at: Carlton Hotel Studios, Melbourne, 04 December 2008 - 20 December 2008, team Australia,

Tello V, 2006, Feminist Actions, exhibited at: Spacement, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, 15 March 2006 - 26 March 2006, Feminist Actions,

Theses / Dissertations

Tello V, 2013, The Aesthetics of Counter-Memory: Contemporary Art and Refugee Histories After Tampa, University of Melbourne, University of Melbourne,

Creative Written Works

Tello V, 2021, Juan Dávila, Self-Portrait as Ingre's Violin (1984), Queer Readings of the Monash University Collection, Ratliff M; Parker FE, (ed.), Monash University Museum of Art,

Tello V, 2020, I, You, We, Together: For Juan, Paul and Paul, Thinking Business: Barbara Cleveland, Goulburn Regional Gallery

Tello V, 2016, Border Thinking, Political: Campus in Campus Collective Dictionary, Campus in Camps , (ed.), Campus in Camps/BAK,

Tello V, 2015, BDSM After Art History: My Safe Word is Performance (2014): In Conversation with Sarah Rodigari, My Safe Word is Performance, Barrett F, (ed.), Australian Experimental Art Foundation

Tello V, 2014, The Displacements of Lynne Roberts-Goodwin, MORE THAN EVER, M Contemporary,

Tello V; Rodigari S, 2013, Act Natural, Going Down: An Anthology of Contemporary Feminist Sydney Performance, Rodigari S; Olivieri J, (ed.), ISCP, New York

Tello V, 2009, Interview with Rosa Martinez, Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art,

Tello V, 2008, History Will Repeat Itself: Inke Arns Interview, Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art,

Tello V, 2006, Fe, Fie, Faux Femme, Feminist Actions, Nextwave Festival and Spacement Gallery

Tello V, 2006, Spewtiful: Ali Sanderson, Studio 12: Ali Sanderson, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces,

Creative Works (non-textual)

Baker Smith D; Tello V, 2020, Opening Night (The Order of Arrangements), Know my Name, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 14 November 2020 - 14 July 2021, at:

Tello V; Baker Smith D; Bullock N; England J, 2020, Know My Name Conference, Know My Name, National Gallery of Australia, 10 November 2020 - 13 November 2020, medium: Conference, at:


Tello V; Tawale S, 2017, Culture Connect, Murray Albury Museum of Art, Murray Albury Museum of Art


Tello V, 2018, Counter-Memory and Migratory Aesthetics: Staying with the Many Times of Global Contemporaneity, University of Munster, Munster,

Performance Studies International (ed.), 2017, Decolonial Everywhere Study and Planning Group, Performance Studies International, Hamburg,

Refugee Council of Australia (ed.), 2017, ‘Research Panel: ”Futuring Education”, co-convened with Dr Caroline Lennette, UNSW Forced Migration Research Network, Refugee Alternatives: Improving Policy, Practice and Public Support, Refugee Council of Australia, Sydney

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