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Samali B; Yu Y; Li Y; Li J; Li H, 2023, 'The Impact of Smart Materials on Structural Vibration Control', in Automation in Construction toward Resilience: Robotics, Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems

Yu Y; Nguyen A; Chianese RR; Gharehbaghi VR; Perera R; Low T; Aravinthan T; Samali B; Guan H; Khuc T; Le TN, 2022, 'Robustness of Deep Transfer Learning-Based Crack Detection Against Uncertainty in Hyperparameter Tuning and Input Data', in Recent Advances in Structural Health Monitoring Research in Australia

Nguyen TN; Yu Y; Li J; Sirivivatnanon V, 2020, 'An Optimised Support Vector Machine Model for Elastic Modulus Prediction of Concrete Subject to Alkali Silica Reaction', in Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, pp. 899 - 909,

Li H; Li J; Li Y; Yu Y, 2020, 'Dynamic Property Optimization of a Vibration Isolator with Quasi-Zero Stiffness', in Vibration Engineering for a Sustainable Future: Active and Passive Noise and Vibration Control, Vol. 1, pp. 289 - 295,

Journal articles

Yu X; Li J; Yu Y; Song A, 2024, 'Advancing service life estimation of reinforced concrete considering the coupling effects of multiple factors: Hybridized physical testing and machine learning approach', Journal of Building Engineering, 84,

Wang J; Duan Y; Lyu X; Yu Y; Xiao J, 2024, 'Axial compression behavior of coal gangue coarse aggregate concrete-filled steel tube stub columns', Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 215,

Ge H; Dai G; Wang F; Yu Y; Liu W, 2024, 'Theoretical solution for bond-slip behavior of composite structures consisting of H-shape beam and concrete based on experiment, numerical simulation, and theoretical derivation', Engineering Structures, 302,

Wang W; Lyu X; Zheng J; Yi S; Li J; Yu Y, 2024, 'Post-Fire Seismic Performance of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Frame Structures Considering Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI)', Buildings, 14, pp. 555 - 555,

Yu X; Li W; Sun H; Qian Z; Li J; Yu Y; Gan G, 2024, 'The effect of Te-based lead-free glass powder containing Ge and Ag+ on the contact formation and electrical performance of silicon solar cells', Frontiers in Materials, 11,

Li H; Bi K; Hao H; Yu Y; Xu L, 2024, 'Experimental study of a novel quasi-active negative stiffness damper system for achieving optimal active control performance', Engineering Structures, 299,

Wei J; Yang Q; Yu Y; Jiang Q; Li X; Liu S; Li K; Wang Q, 2024, 'Experimental study of multiscale hybrid fiber-reinforced ambient-cured LEGC under uniaxial compression', Construction and Building Materials, 411,

Yu Y; Zhang C; Xie X; Yousefi AM; Zhang G; Li J; Samali B, 2023, 'Compressive strength evaluation of cement-based materials in sulphate environment using optimized deep learning technology', Developments in the Built Environment, 16,

Li J; Hajimohammadi A; Yu Y; Lee BY; Kim T, 2023, 'Mechanism of PVA Fiber Influence in Foam Concrete: From Macroscopic to Microscopic View', Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 35,

Mohammadi M; Rashidi M; Azandariani MG; Mousavi V; Yu Y; Samali B, 2023, 'Modern damage measurement of structural elements: Experiment, terrestrial laser scanning, and numerical studies', Structures, 58,

Talaei S; Zhu X; Li J; Yu Y; Chan THT, 2023, 'Transfer learning based bridge damage detection: Leveraging time-frequency features', Structures, 57,

Yousefi AM; Samali B; Yu Y, 2023, 'Localised Web Bearing Behaviour of Cold-Formed Austenitic Stainless-Steel Channels: Review of Design Rules and New Insight under Interior Loading', Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 13,

Yousefi AM; Samali B; Yu Y; Roy K, 2023, 'Web bearing design of cold-formed austenitic stainless steel un-lipped channels under localised interior loading', Thin-Walled Structures, 191,

Shahab S; Anjum M; Kausar R; Yu Y, 2023, 'Elevating Decision Management in Sustainable Energy Planning through Spherical Fuzzy Aggregation Operators', Axioms, 12, pp. 908 - 908,

Li J; Yu Y; Kim T; Hajimohammadi A, 2023, 'Unveiling the underlying mechanisms of tensile behaviour enhancement in fibre reinforced foam concrete', Construction and Building Materials, 398,

Ding Z; Yu Y; Tan D; Yuen KV, 2023, 'Adaptive vision feature extractions and reinforced learning-assisted evolution for structural condition assessment', Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 66,

Yu Y; Hoshyar AN; Samali B; Zhang G; Rashidi M; Mohammadi M, 2023, 'Corrosion and coating defect assessment of coal handling and preparation plants (CHPP) using an ensemble of deep convolutional neural networks and decision-level data fusion', Neural Computing and Applications, 35, pp. 18697 - 18718,

Zhang G; Chen J; Zhang Z; Sun M; Yu Y; Wang J; Cai S, 2023, 'A novel parametric model for nonlinear hysteretic behaviours with strain-stiffening of magnetorheological gel composite', Composite Structures, 318,

Mohammadi M; Rashidi M; Yu Y; Samali B, 2023, 'Integration of TLS-derived Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) with a Decision Support System (DSS) for digital twinning and asset management of bridge infrastructures', Computers in Industry, 147,

Zhang G; Chen J; Zhang J; Zhang Z; Sun M; Yu Y; Wang J, 2023, 'An Experimental Study and Modeling on the Thermo-Rheological Properties of Polyurethane-Based Magnetorheological Gel', Advanced Engineering Materials, 25,

Yu Y; Li J; Li J; Xia Y; Ding Z; Samali B, 2023, 'Automated damage diagnosis of concrete jack arch beam using optimized deep stacked autoencoders and multi-sensor fusion', Developments in the Built Environment, 14,

Velu M; Dhanaraj RK; Balusamy B; Kadry S; Yu Y; Nadeem A; Rauf HT, 2023, 'Human Pathogenic Monkeypox Disease Recognition Using Q-Learning Approach', Diagnostics, 13,

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Yu Y; Li W; Zhang L, 2023, 'Editorial: Editors’ showcase: Smart materials', Frontiers in Materials, 10,

Guo F; Zhang Y; Chang C; Yu Y, 2023, 'Carbon Emissions of Assembly Buildings Constrained by Flexible Resource: A Study on Cost Optimization', Buildings, 13,

Wang W; Yu Y; Xie T; Wang Q, 2023, 'Editorial: Get prepared for unexpected disasters via advanced analytics and simulation techniques for urban hydraulic engineering and water infrastructure', Aqua Water Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Society, 72, pp. III - IV,

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Li W; Yu C; Wang Y; Yao Y; Yu X; Zuo C; Yu Y, 2022, 'Experimental Investigation of Effect of Flake Silver Powder Content on Sintering Structure and Properties of Front Silver Paste of Silicon Solar Cell', Materials, 15,

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Wei J; Yang Q; Yu Y; Wang Q; Zhou L; Chen F, 2022, 'Study of Bond–Slip Behavior and Constitutive Model of a New M-Section Steel-Skeleton Concrete', Materials, 15,

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Yu Y; Wang W; Shehu R; Pomaro B, 2022, 'Editorial on Special Issue “Performance Prediction, Durability and Modelling of Concrete Materials and Structures”', Crystals, 12,

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