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Samali B; Yu Y; Li Y; Li J; Li H, 2023, 'The Impact of Smart Materials on Structural Vibration Control', in Automation in Construction toward Resilience: Robotics, Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems

Yu Y; Nguyen A; Chianese RR; Gharehbaghi VR; Perera R; Low T; Aravinthan T; Samali B; Guan H; Khuc T; Le TN, 2022, 'Robustness of Deep Transfer Learning-Based Crack Detection Against Uncertainty in Hyperparameter Tuning and Input Data', in Recent Advances in Structural Health Monitoring Research in Australia

Nguyen TN; Yu Y; Li J; Sirivivatnanon V, 2020, 'An Optimised Support Vector Machine Model for Elastic Modulus Prediction of Concrete Subject to Alkali Silica Reaction', in Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, pp. 899 - 909,

Li H; Li J; Li Y; Yu Y, 2020, 'Dynamic Property Optimization of a Vibration Isolator with Quasi-Zero Stiffness', in Vibration Engineering for a Sustainable Future: Active and Passive Noise and Vibration Control, Vol. 1, pp. 289 - 295,

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