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Reiner J; Chung Y; Misha SH; Lehner C; Moehle C; Poulos D; Monir S; Charde KJ; Macha P; Kranz L; Thorvaldson I; Thorgrimsson B; Keith D; Hsueh YL; Rahman R; Gorman SK; Keizer JG; Simmons MY, 2024, 'High-fidelity initialization and control of electron and nuclear spins in a four-qubit register', Nature Nanotechnology, 19, pp. 605 - 611,

Kranz L; Osika EN; Monir S; Hsueh YL; Fricke L; Hile SJ; Chung Y; Keizer JG; Rahman R; Simmons MY, 2024, 'Exploiting Atomic Control to Show When Atoms Become Molecules', Advanced Functional Materials, 34,

Hsueh YL; Keith D; Chung Y; Gorman SK; Kranz L; Monir S; Kembrey Z; Keizer JG; Rahman R; Simmons MY, 2024, 'Engineering Spin-Orbit Interactions in Silicon Qubits at the Atomic-Scale', Advanced Materials,

Jones MT; Monir MS; Krauth FN; Macha P; Hsueh YL; Worrall A; Keizer JG; Kranz L; Gorman SK; Chung Y; Rahman R; Simmons MY, 2023, 'Atomic Engineering of Molecular Qubits for High-Speed, High-Fidelity Single Qubit Gates', ACS Nano, 17, pp. 22601 - 22610,

Donnelly MB; Munia MM; Keizer JG; Chung Y; Huq AMSE; Osika EN; Hsueh YL; Rahman R; Simmons MY, 2023, 'Multi-Scale Modeling of Tunneling in Nanoscale Atomically Precise Si:P Tunnel Junctions', Advanced Functional Materials, 33,

Hsueh YL; Kranz L; Keith D; Monir S; Chung Y; Gorman SK; Rahman R; Simmons MY, 2023, 'Hyperfine-mediated spin relaxation in donor-atom qubits in silicon', Physical Review Research, 5,

Hogg MR; Pakkiam P; Gorman SK; Timofeev AV; Chung Y; Gulati GK; House MG; Simmons MY, 2023, 'Single-Shot Readout of Multiple Donor Electron Spins with a Gate-Based Sensor', PRX Quantum, 4,

Keith D; Chung Y; Kranz L; Thorgrimsson B; Gorman SK; Simmons MY, 2022, 'Ramped measurement technique for robust high-fidelity spin qubit readout', Science Advances, 8,

Kiczynski M; Gorman SK; Geng H; Donnelly MB; Chung Y; He Y; Keizer JG; Simmons MY, 2022, 'Engineering topological states in atom-based semiconductor quantum dots', Nature, 606, pp. 694 - 699,

Krauth FN; Gorman SK; He Y; Jones MT; Macha P; Kocsis S; Chua C; Voisin B; Rogge S; Rahman R; Chung Y; Simmons MY, 2022, 'Flopping-Mode Electric Dipole Spin Resonance in Phosphorus Donor Qubits in Silicon', Physical Review Applied, 17,

Donnelly MB; Keizer JG; Chung Y; Simmons MY, 2021, 'Monolithic Three-Dimensional Tuning of an Atomically Defined Silicon Tunnel Junction', Nano Letters, 21, pp. 10092 - 10098,

Fricke L; Hile SJ; Kranz L; Chung Y; He Y; Pakkiam P; House MG; Keizer JG; Simmons MY, 2021, 'Coherent control of a donor-molecule electron spin qubit in silicon', Nature Communications, 12,

Hsiao TK; Rubino A; Chung Y; Son SK; Hou H; Pedrós J; Nasir A; Éthier-Majcher G; Stanley MJ; Phillips RT; Mitchell TA; Griffiths JP; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Ford CJB, 2020, 'Single-photon emission from single-electron transport in a SAW-driven lateral light-emitting diode', Nature Communications, 11,

Chung Y; Hou H; Son S-K; Hsiao T-K; Nasir A; Rubino A; Griffiths JP; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Ford CJB, 2019, 'Quantized charge transport driven by a surface acoustic wave in induced unipolar and bipolar junctions', Physical Review B, 100,

Hou H; Chung Y; Rughoobur G; Hsiao TK; Nasir A; Flewitt AJ; Griffiths JP; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Ford CJB, 2018, 'Experimental verification of electrostatic boundary conditions in gate-patterned quantum devices', Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 51,

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