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Thorvaldson I; Poulos D; Moehle CM; Misha SH; Edlbauer H; Reiner J; Geng H; Voisin B; Jones MT; Donnelly MB; Pena LF; Hill CD; Myers CR; Keizer JG; Chung Y; Gorman SK; Kranz L; Simmons MY, 2024, Grover's algorithm in a four-qubit silicon processor above the fault-tolerant threshold, ,

Donnelly MB; Keizer JG; Chung Y; Simmons MY, 2022, 3-Dimensional Tuning of an Atomically Defined Silicon Tunnel Junction, ,

Hogg MR; Pakkiam P; Gorman SK; Timofeev AV; Chung Y; Gulati GK; House MG; Simmons MY, 2022, Single-shot readout of multiple donor electron spins with a gate-based sensor, ,

Krauth FN; Gorman SK; He Y; Jones MT; Macha P; Kocsis S; Chua C; Voisin B; Rogge S; Rahman R; Chung Y; Simmons MY, 2021, Flopping-mode electric dipole spin resonance in phosphorus donor qubits in silicon, ,

Chung Y; Hou H; Son S-K; Hsiao T-K; Nasir A; Rubino A; Griffiths JP; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Ford CJB, 2019, Quantised Charge Transport driven by a Surface Acoustic Wave in induced unipolar and bipolar junctions, ,

Hsiao T-K; Rubino A; Chung Y; Son S-K; Hou H; Pedrós J; Nasir A; Éthier-Majcher G; Stanley MJ; Phillips RT; Mitchell TA; Griffiths JP; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Ford CJB, 2019, Single-photon Emission from an Acoustically-driven Lateral Light-emitting Diode, ,

Hou H; Chung Y; Rughoobur G; Hsiao TK; Nasir A; Flewitt AJ; Griffiths JP; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Ford CJB, 2018, Experimental verification of electrostatic boundary conditions in gate-patterned quantum devices, ,

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