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Lin Y; Eisingerich A; Doong H, 2017, 'Tyrant Leaders as e-Government Service Promoters: The Role of Transparency and Tyranny in the Implementation of e-Government Service', in Ko A; Francesconi E (ed.), Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective, SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG, pp. 9 - 18,

Journal articles

Lin YT; Wang W; Doong HS, 2021, 'Is Talking about the Future a Curse or a Blessing? The Effects of Future-Focused Message Framing on Fundraising Performance', IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, vol. 68, pp. 970 - 981,

Lin YT; Doong HS; Eisingerich AB, 2021, 'Avatar Design of Virtual Salespeople: Mitigation of Recommendation Conflicts', Journal of Service Research, vol. 24, pp. 141 - 159,

Lin Y-T; MacInnis DJ; Eisingerich AB, 2020, 'Strong Anxiety Boosts New Product Adoption When Hope Is Also Strong', Journal of Marketing, vol. 84, pp. 60 - 78,

Borah A; Banerjee S; Lin Y-T; Jain A; Eisingerich AB, 2020, 'Improvised Marketing Interventions in Social Media', Journal of Marketing, vol. 84, pp. 69 - 91,

Lin Y; Tudor-Sfetea C; Siddiqui S; Sherwani Y; Ahmed M; Eisingerich AB, 2018, 'Effective Behavioral Changes through a Digital mHealth App: Exploring the Impact of Hedonic Well-Being, Psychological Empowerment and Inspiration', JMIR mHealth and uHealth, vol. 6,

Tudor-Sfetea C; Rabee R; Najim M; Amin N; Chadha M; Jain M; Karia K; Kothari V; Patel T; Suseeharan M; Ahmed M; Sherwani Y; Siddiqui S; Lin Y; Eisingerich AB, 2018, 'Evaluation of Two Mobile Health Apps in the Context of Smoking Cessation: Qualitative Study of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Versus Non-CBT-Based Digital Solutions', JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH, vol. 6,

Foscht T; Lin Y; Eisingerich AB, 2018, 'Blinds up or down?: The influence of transparency, future orientation, and CSR on sustainable and responsible behavior', European Journal of Marketing, vol. 52, pp. 476 - 498,

Hsieh Y-H; Lin Y-T; Yuan S-T, 2013, 'Expectation-based coopetition approach to service experience design', SIMULATION MODELLING PRACTICE AND THEORY, vol. 34, pp. 64 - 85,

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