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Schwartz M; Russell S; Baldry E; Brown D; Cunneen C; Stubbs J, 2020, Obstacles to Effective Support of People Released from Prison: Wisdom from the Field,

Schwartz M; Brown DB; Cunneen C, 2018, Justice Reinvestment, Indigenous Justice Clearing House, Australian Government Canberra

Stubbs J; Schwartz M; Brown DB; Cunneen C; Young C, 2015, Submission to the Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee Inquiry into Access to Legal Assistance Services

Stubbs J; Young C; Brown D; Cunneen C; Schwartz M, 2013, Submission No PA24 to NSW Law Reform Commission, Parole, Australia, Submission No PA24

Stubbs J; Brown D; Cunneen C; Schwartz M; Young C, 2013, Submission No 114 to Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Parliament of Australia, Value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia, 20 June 2013.

Schwartz M; Baldry E; Cunneen C; Brown D; Brown M; Steel A, 2011, Submission to the NSW Law Reform Commission review of the Bail Act NSW (1978), Australia

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