Select Publications


Simnett R; Huggins A; Green W, Are Greenhouse Gas Assurance Engagements a Natural Domain of the Auditing Profession?,

Yang Y; Simnett R; Carson E, Auditors’ Propensity and Accuracy in Issuing Going-Concern Modified Audit Opinions for Charities,

Zhou S; Simnett R; Hoang H, Combined Assurance as a New Assurance Approach: Is It Beneficial to Analysts?,

Simnett R; Nugent M; Huggins A, Developing an International Assurance Standard on Carbon Emissions Disclosures,

Zhou S; Simnett R; Green W, Does Integrated Reporting Matter to the Capital Market?,

Wang R; Wai Fong C; Simnett R; Zhou S, Economic Impact of the Move to Strategic Reporting in the U.K.,

Ge Q; Simnett R; Zhou S, Ethical and Quality Control Requirements When Undertaking Assurance Engagements,

Carson E; Simnett R; Thuerheimer U; Vanstraelen A, The Effect of National Inspection Regimes on Audit Quality,

Carson E; Simnett R; Trompeter G; Vanstraelen A, The Impact of Group Audit Arrangements on Audit Quality and Pricing,

Carson E; Simnett R; Soo BS; Wright A, The Pricing of Client Risk by Big N and Non Big N Audit Firms: 1996-2004,

Lu M; Simnett R; Zhou S, Using the Same Provider for Financial Statement Audit and Assurance of Extended External Reports: Choices and Consequences,

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