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Dain SJ, 2015, 'The Visual Recognition of Cyanosis and the Influence of Lighting and Color Vision', in Advances in Dermatology Research, Nova Publishing

Dain SJ; Ling BY, 2015, 'Colour Vision: Development and Age-Appropriate Tests', in Chen A-H; Leat SJ (ed.), Paediatric Vision Care: Current Practice and Future Challenges, McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), pp. 147 - 174,

Boon MY; Dain SJ, 2015, 'The development of color vision and of the ability to appreciate color in picturebooks', in Kummerling-Meibauer B; Meibauer J; Nachtigaller K; Rohlfing KJ (ed.), Learning from picturebooks: perspectives from child development and literacy studies, Routledge, Great Britain, pp. 71 - 95

Coroneo MT; Dain SJ, 2014, 'The Sun and Eye – Sunlight-Induced Eye Disease and Its Prevention', in Sun, Skin and Health, CSIRO PUBLISHING,

Dain SJ, 2004, 'Managing Eye Safety', in Managing Occupational Health and Safety, edn. Original, CCH Australia, Sydney, pp. 201 - 298

Dain SJ, 2002, 'Congenital colour vision deficiencies and their occupational consequences', in Medicine Today, edn. 4, Medicine Today Pty Ltd, Neutral Bay, NSW, pp. 42 - 48

Dain SJ; Honson VJ, 1989, 'Selection of an Optimal Light Source for the FM 100-Hue Test', in Colour Vision Deficiencies IX, Springer Netherlands, pp. 425 - 432,

Dain SJ; King-Smith PE, 1989, 'Thresholds for Iso-Luminous Colors Across the Visual Field', in Colour Vision Deficiencies IX, Springer Netherlands, pp. 561 - 572,

Dain SJ; Duffield B, 1984, 'Spatial Summation in Dichromats', in Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series, Springer Netherlands, pp. 299 - 302,

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