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Luu MT; Berengut JF; Daljit Singh JK; Coffi Dit Glieze K; Turner M; Skipper K; Meppat S; Fowler H; Close W; Doye JPK; Abbas A; Wickham SFJ, 2024, Reconfigurable multi-component nanostructures built from DNA origami voxels, ,

Berengut JF; Berg WR; Rizzuto FJ; Lee LK, 2023, Passivating blunt-ended helices to control monodispersity and multi-subunit assembly of DNA origami structures, ,

Wintersinger CM; Minev D; Ershova A; Sasaki HM; Gowri G; Berengut JF; Corea-Dilbert FE; Yin P; Shih WM, 2022, Multi-micron crisscross structures from combinatorially assembled DNA-origami slats, ,

Brown JWP; Alford R; Walsh J; Spinney R; Xu S; Hertel S; Berengut J; Spenkelink L; van Oijen A; Böcking T; Morris R; Lee L, 2022, Rapid exchange of stably bound protein and DNA cargo on a DNA origami receptor, ,

Berengut JF; Ruan J; Kawamoto A; Lee LK, 2019, Design and Synthesis of Pleated DNA Origami Nanotubes with Adjustable Diameters, ,

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