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El-Haddad J; Štrkalj G; Pather N, 2022, 'A global perspective on embryological and fetal collections: Where to from here?', Anatomical Record, vol. 305, pp. 869 - 885,

Strkalj G; El-Haddad J; Hulme A; Strkalj M, 2021, 'Anatomy commemoration for body donors at Macquarie university, Sydney, Australia', International Journal of Morphology, vol. 39, pp. 160 - 163,

El-Haddad J; Prvan T; Štrkalj G, 2021, 'Attitudes of Anatomy Students toward Commemorations for Body Donors: A Multicultural Perspective', Anatomical Sciences Education, vol. 14, pp. 89 - 98,

Strkalj G; Hulme A; El-Haddad J; Luo K; Crafford D; Rampe M, 2018, 'Students’ perceptions and usage of short anatomy videos: A preliminary study', International Journal of Morphology, vol. 36, pp. 493 - 499,

Štrkalj G; Hulme A; El-Haddad J, 2018, 'Learning and revising anatomy through 3D printing', Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology, vol. 123, pp. 277 - 278,

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