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Khan AB; Akram AS; Choi W, 2024, 'State of Charge Estimation of Flooded Lead Acid Battery Using Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter', Energies, 17,

Nguyen TT; Khan AB; Ko Y; Choi W, 2020, 'An accurate state of charge estimation method for lithium iron phosphate battery using a combination of an unscented Kalman filter and a particle filter', Energies, 13,

Khan AB; Choi W, 2018, 'Optimal Charge Pattern for the High-Performance Multistage Constant Current Charge Method for the Li-Ion Batteries', IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 33, pp. 1132 - 1140,

Tran NT; Khan AB; Nguyen TT; Kim DW; Choi W, 2018, 'SOC estimation of multiple lithium-ion battery cells in a module using a nonlinear state observer and online parameter estimation', Energies, 11,

Tran NT; Khan AB; Choi W, 2017, 'State of charge and state of health estimation of AGM VRLA batteries by employing a dual extended Kalman filter and an ARX model for online parameter estimation', Energies, 10,

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