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Cooper DDJ; Popovic G; Grisham JR, 2023, 'A novel experimental investigation of online imagery rescripting for obsessive-compulsive prospective imagery', Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, 37,

Cooper DDJ; Perkes IE; Lam-Po-Tang J; Farrell LJ; Brakoulias V; Grisham JR, 2023, 'Finding help for OCD in Australia: development and evaluation of a clinician directory', Australian Psychologist, 58, pp. 190 - 197,

Cooper D; Champion SM; Stavropoulos L; Grisham JR, 2022, 'How technology can enhance treatment: A scoping review of clinical interventions for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders', British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 61, pp. 8 - 30,

Cooper D; Yap K; O’Brien M; Scott I, 2020, 'Mindfulness and Empathy Among Counseling and Psychotherapy Professionals: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis', Mindfulness, 11, pp. 2243 - 2257,

Cooper D; Yap K; Batalha L, 2018, 'Mindfulness-based interventions and their effects on emotional clarity: A systematic review and meta-analysis', Journal of Affective Disorders, 235, pp. 265 - 276,

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