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Liang X; Chai H; Ravishankar J, 2022, 'Analytical Methods of Voltage Stability in Renewable Dominated Power Systems: A Review', Electricity, vol. 3, pp. 75 - 107,

Tang X; Zhang D; Chai H, 2021, 'Synthetical Optimal Design for Passive-Damped LCL Filters in Islanded AC Microgrid', Journal of Energy and Power Technology, vol. 03, pp. 1 - 1,

Lu S; Chai H; Sahoo A; Phung BT, 2020, 'Condition Monitoring Based on Partial Discharge Diagnostics Using Machine Learning Methods: A Comprehensive State-of-the-Art Review', IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, vol. 27, pp. 1861 - 1888,

Chai H; Phung BT; Mitchell S, 2019, 'Application of UHF sensors in power system equipment for partial discharge detection: A review', Sensors (Switzerland), vol. 19,

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