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Kenning G; Bennett J; Kuchelmeister V; Ginnivan N; Neidorf M, 2021, 'An immersive art-based approach to engaging with the embodied, sensory and affective experience of living with dementia', in Dementia Lab 2021: Supporting ability through design, Springer, Switzerland

Fisher L; Kuchelmeister V, 2017, 'The Veloscape Project: Cyclists Sensing the City', in Curtis D (ed.), Building Sustainability with the Arts., edn. Laura, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, pp. 49 - 62,

Kuchelmeister V, 2001, 'Computer based Knowledge transfer - Praxisbeispiele computergestützter Wissensvermittlung', in Weibel P (ed.), Vom Tafelbild zum globalen Datenraum, edn. Original, Edition ZKM, Hatje Cantz, Stuttgart, Germany, pp. 171 - 179

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