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Moon G, 2021, 'Arrested ambition? Foreign investor protections, stabilization clauses and fossil-fuelled power generation in developing countries', Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law, 30, pp. 313 - 326,

Moon G; Schwarte C, 2021, 'The Paris Agreement's Article 6 Market Mechanisms and WTO Law', CLIMATE LAW, 11, pp. 279 - 297,

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Moon G, 2017, 'Race to End Poverty? The Roles of Ethnicity and International Economic Law in the Eradication of Extreme Poverty by 2030', Nordic Journal of International Law, 86, pp. 366 - 402,

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Moon GF, 2006, 'A Light in a Dark Place? Human Rights and International Trade', Balayi: Culture Law and Colonialism, 9, pp. 58 - 72

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