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Newton G; Zappavigna M; Drysdale K; Newman CE, 2024, 'From lived experience to lived expertise: How donor-conceived witnesses claim and sustain epistemic authority', Journal of Pragmatics, 221, pp. 89 - 104,

Lewis S; Newton G; Kenny K; Boyle F, 2024, 'The incurable self: Negotiating social bonds and dis/connection with metastatic breast cancer', Sociology of Health and Illness, 46, pp. 295 - 314,

Newton G; Drysdale K; Newman CE, 2023, 'Embodied sociotechnical imaginaries: how donor-conceived people imagine identity, family and reprodigital futures beyond regulation', Frontiers in Global Women's Health, 4,

Newton G; Zappavigna M; Drysdale K; Newman CE, 2022, 'More than Humor: Memes as Bonding Icons for Belonging in Donor-Conceived People', Social Media and Society, 8,

Newton G; Drysdale K; Zappavigna M; Newman CE, 2022, 'Truth, Proof, Sleuth: Trust in Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing and Other Sources of Identity Information among Australian Donor-Conceived People', Sociology, 57,

Newton G; Southerton C, 2021, 'Situated Talk: a method for a reflexive encounter with #donorconceived on TikTok', Media International Australia, 186, pp. 66 - 80,

Kirby E; Newton G; Hofstätter L; Judd-Lam S; Strnadova I; Newman C, 2021, '(How) Will it end? A qualitative analysis of free-text survey data on informal care endings', International Journal of Care and Caring, pp. 1 - 17,

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