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Carter A; McManus H; Ward JS; Vickers T; Asselin J; Baillie G; Chow EPF; Chen MY; Fairley CK; Bourne C; McNulty A; Read P; Heath K; Ryder N; McCloskey J; Carmody C; McCormack H; Alexander K; Casey D; Stoove M; Hellard ME; Donovan B; Guy RJ, 2023, 'Infectious syphilis in women and heterosexual men in major Australian cities: sentinel surveillance data, 2011–2019', Medical Journal of Australia, 218, pp. 223 - 228,

Baillie G; Fileborn B; Wadds P, 2022, 'Gendered Responses to Gendered Harms: Sexual Violence and Bystander Intervention at Australian Music Festivals', Violence Against Women, 28, pp. 711 - 739,

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