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Tang J; Lee V; Guha C; Dominello A; Blazek K; Teixeira-Pinto A; Roger S; Keung K; Howell M; Tong A; Wong G, 2021, 'FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH EHEALTH USE IN KIDNEY TRANSPLANT RECIPIENTS', in NEPHROLOGY, WILEY, pp. 32 - 32,

Khalid R; Van Zwieten A; Didsbury M; Chen K; James L; Francis A; Kim S; Mctaggart S; Walker A; Mackie F; Kara T; Prestidge C; Teixeira-Pinto A; Barton B; Lorenzo J; Lah S; Howard K; Nassar N; Au E; Tong A; Blazek K; Craig J; Wong G, 2020, 'THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS WITH CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE', in NEPHROLOGY, WILEY, pp. 12 - 12,

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