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Journal articles

Gonsalves R, 2023, 'Book review: ‘I had a sadomasochistic fascination with English’: a vivid, playful debut disrupts clichés of docile Asian womanhood', The Conversation,

Gonsalves R, 2021, 'Interrupting Intersectionality', Sydney Review of Books,

Daymond M; Gonsalves R; Gui W; Griffiths M; Krishnan M; Lorre-Johnston C; McNeill D; Raja I; Rampaul G; Sharrad P; Skeete G; Gichanda Spencer L; Steiner T; Williams M, 2017, 'New Literatures', Year's Work in English Studies, 96, pp. 1166 - 1334,

Gonsalves R, 2015, 'The Survival of the Friendliest: Contemporary Indian Publishing in English at the Frankfurt Book Fair', Cultural Sociology, 9, pp. 425 - 446,

Chan JB; Bruce J; Gonsalves R, 2014, 'Seeking and finding: Creative processes of 21st century painters', Poetics, 48, pp. 21 - 41,

Gonsalves R, 2011, 'Multiculturalism and Mainstage Australian Theatre', Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia, 2, pp. 72 - 83,

Gonsalves R; Chan JB, 2008, 'Creating Fiction: Bourdieu`s Theory and Writing Practice', Text: JOURNAL OF WRITING AND WRITING COURSES, 12,

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