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Gray CW; Coster ACF, 2021, 'Models of Membrane-Mediated Processes: Cascades and Cycles in Insulin Action', in Systems Medicine, Elsevier, pp. 143 - 155,

Coster ACF; Field JH, 2018, 'The Shape of Things to Come—Using Geometric and Morphometric Analyses to Identify Archaeological Starch Grains', in Agriculture as a Metaphor for Creativity in All Human Endeavors, Springer Singapore, pp. 1 - 6,

Govers R; James DE; Coster A, 2008, 'High-throughput analysis of the dynamics of recycling cell surface proteins', in Ivanov AI (ed.), Exocytosis and Endocytosis, Humana Press, NJ USA, pp. 129 - 146,

Coster A, 1995, 'Neural Thermodynamics for Biological Ensembles', in Cho S; Oh J-H; Kwon C (ed.), Neural Networks: The Statistical Mechanics Perspective, edn. Progress in Neural Processing, World Scientific Publishing Company Incorporated

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