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Law E; Girgis A; Levesque JV; Lambert S; Elsaleh H, 2015, '"The incidental support group": the treatment team playing a central role in the sphere of care', Vol. 11, pp. 160 - 161,

Beatty L; Kemp E; Butow P; Girgis A; Hulbert-Williams N; Schofield P; Turner J; Wootten A; Levesque J; Koczwara B, 2015, 'A systematic review of psychotherapeutic interventions for women with metastatic breast cancer: implications and recommendations for developing an online self-help program', Vol. 11, pp. 79 - 79,

Lambert S; Beatty L; McElduff P; Levesque J; Lawsin C; Turner J; Jacobsen P; Girgis A, 2015, 'Are self-administered psychosocial interventions as efficacious as guided interventions in the management of chronic health conditions?', Vol. 11, pp. 151 - 151,

Kielly-Carroll C; Shaw T; Haines M; Dadich A; Sanson-Fisher R; Girgis A; Phillips J; Rankin N; Robinson T; Pointeaux C, 2015, 'Building the bridge from discovery-to-delivery: a community of practice in cancer implementation science'

Meiser B; Zilliacus E; Wong T; Girgis A; Butow P; Hale S; Kissane D; Perry A; Aranda S; Tomkins S; Hodges J; Norris C; Shaw T; Tebble H; Woodland L; Kaur R; Goldstein D, 2015, 'Communication skills training for oncology health care professionals working with culturally and linguistically diverse patients'

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Girgis A; Bonaventura T; Bonevski B; Hogan M; Boyes A; Proietto T; Ackland S; Crowley M; Descallar J, 2013, 'FEASIBILITY STUDY OF AN ONCOLOGY NURSE PRACTITIONER MODEL OF CARE IN A RURAL CANCER SETTING', Vol. 9, pp. 122 - 123,

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Girgis A; Webber K; Bennetts BH; Bonaventura A; Boyle F; Koh E; Friedlander M; Segelov E; Goldstein D, 2012, '"This follow-up care would meet my needs, but I would still worry that problems with my health would not be found": A cross-sectional survey of adult cancer survivors', pp. 8 (Suppl 3), 117, presented at COSA 39th Annual Scientific Meeting

Boyes AW; Girgis A; Zucca A; D'Este C, 2010, '‘It’s been a journey, I am a survivor’: Patterns of adjustment across the cancer trajectory', pp. 1810 - 1812

Lambert S; Girgis A; Chambers SM; Sundquist K, 2010, 'Evaluation of acceptability and impact of Cancer Council NSW telephone support groups'

Hall A; Boyes AW; Bowman J; Zucca A; Girgis A, 2009, '“The young ones”: psychosocial wellbeing and service utilisation of young cancer survivors', pp. 214 - 214

Walsh R; Paul C; Girgis A; Penman A, 2000, '"Smoke Rings Around the Olympics"'

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