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Butow P; Faris MM; Shaw J; Kelly P; He S; Harris M; Cuddy J; Masya L; Geerligs L; Kelly B; Girgis A; Rankin N; Beale P; Hack TF; Kirsten L; Dhillon H; Grimison P; Viney R; Clayton JM; Schlub T; Program TADAPT; Shepherd H, 2023, Impact of core versus enhanced implementation strategies on adherence to a clinical pathway for managing anxiety and depression in cancer patients in routine care: A cluster randomised controlled trial, ,

Schaffer M; McLoone J; Wakefield C; Brierley M-E; Girgis A; McCarthy M; Thornton-Benko E; Chan R; Johnston K; Cohn R; Signorelli C, 2021, eHealth tools for childhood cancer survivorship care: A qualitative analysis of survivors’, parents’, and general practitioners’ views., ,

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